5 Signs Your Long Term Relationship Maybe Headed For A Breakup Or Divorce

5 Signs Your Long Term Relationship Maybe Headed For A Breakup Or Divorce

Relationships are complex but that does not mean it cannot be worked out. Making small changes can save it.

A successful relationship needs two individuals, who can accommodate each other with respect. However, sometimes, partners fall out of love due to a variety of reasons and things are just not right anymore. But, one can avoid it all if they carefully observe the changes that slowly happen in their relationship.

Here are a few signs that usually led to a broken relationship or marriage. 

1. You don't trust your partner anymore

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Trust is a very important aspect of any relationship. Trusting somebody does only not mean you believe in them, it also means you are comfortable being vulnerable in front of them. Therefore, if you feel like you no longer can confide in your partner, your relationship may not be as sound as you think.

Additionally, you may want to turn to someone else other than your partner to trust. "Emotional cheating is often more impactful than physical cheating because of the trust factor. Opening up to another person about your fears, hopes, dreams, and more can be a deeper level of intimacy than sharing your body with that person," stated Dr. Racine R. Henry, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, according to Woman's Day

2. They don't communicate

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Some relationships fail when partners think the other person should be able to read your mind. They refrain from using their words to express their feelings. This behavior gradually destroys the relationship and develops cracks in them.

The best way to avoid a break in your relationship is to address your needs and wants. "The chief culprit in divorce is a lack of communication. Your spouse can't read your mind, and you shouldn't try to read theirs. Talk about things you may not want to talk about. Talk about bills. Talk about feelings — happy and sad. Be intentional with your spouse in saying, 'This is important to me,' or 'This is not important to me.' Don't assume your spouse knows what you think. Tell them," stated Tonya Graser Smith, a board-certified specialist in family law and the founder of GraserSmith, PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to Womans Day. 

3. Neither of you is interested in physical intimacy

It is common for couples to have sex less frequently as time passes by. But, that does not mean they have problems in their relationship. However, when partners lose their desire and physical attraction towards each other, it suggests a disconnect between them. "...in a healthy relationship, there is still some desire on the part of both spouses to engage in physical intimacy on a regular basis. If the emotional intimacy in your relationship is so low that the physical intimacy isn’t even of interest anymore, that’s a bad sign," stated Raffi Bilek, a marriage counselor and director of the Baltimore Therapy Center, according to Fatherly

4. They are defensive about anything you say

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A good relationship has partners, who are willing to put down their guards for the other. Their emotional and mental connection is so good that they talk things out without attacking or hiding things from each other. They listen to each other's concerns and resolve issues together. If you and your partner are always defensive around each other, your relationship may be in trouble.

According to Fatherly, "Naturally, the attacks are hard on the marriage, but the defensive responses can be equally harmful. Responding with defensiveness to your spouse makes them feel unheard and unconnected and sets up a cycle of escalation that can ultimately destroy the relationship," claimed Bilek.

5. They don't respect you

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When the relationship is hitting rock bottom, couples fail to keep up their respect for each other. You stop considering their partner's values, boundaries, or beliefs. Besides, you are no ready to find a common ground in anything.

According to Henry, "When partners lose respect for one another, it manifests in how they communicate. They stop talking about the important things and get caught up in trivial, surface-level arguments and conversations that have no ending or resolution." Therefore, respect is very crucial in relationships. It will strengthen their relationship and help them function better.