7 Signs You've Met Your Soulmate To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With

7 Signs You've Met Your Soulmate To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With

They can sense when you're having a bad day even when you don't say a word about it, making life so much easier for you.

It's a feeling you can't explain. You fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle because you simply know that the person you love compliments you in the smallest of ways. And somehow, in this world that's home to billions of people, you found that one person who loves you with no conditions. You know you've found your soulmate when you see these signs in the relationship.

1. They are happiest when they see you happy 

You see how they're willing to sacrifice their comforts and needs to make you happy, just like you do for them. Your wellbeing is their priority and your world suddenly becomes so much more alive. You may have been content with your life before, but being with them makes you feel safer, seen, heard, wanted, needed, and loved like never before.

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2. They make you forget all the worries you had from your previous relationships 

There may have been a number of things you expected to go wrong in the relationship. You may have worried about them breaking their promises, losing their trust, or having your heart broken. But they make relationships seem easier. "This doesn't mean that you're naive about the relationship," Julia Colangelo, licensed clinical psychotherapist told Bustle. "Instead there is an experience of hopefulness in the other person and what you're sharing with them as opposed to previous experiences."

3. They can sense your emotions without you having to tell them

The right person for you becomes emotionally and physically connected to you. “Feeling emotionally connected is an essential part of a healthy relationship,” said licensed family therapist, David Klow, according to Prevention. Because of the strong bond they have with you, they can read your nervousness when you're restless and can sense that your mood is off by the slightest change in your voice.

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4. They know how to turn your bad days around

There will always be days where you feel low or there's something stressing you out. But they know how to put you at ease. They know you in and out, and know the right words to say. And more importantly, they will sit right beside you and help you talk things out to find a solution together. They will never leave you to deal with your problems alone. 

5. They wouldn't change a thing about you and love you to bits

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you're loved for who you are by someone who looks past your flaws and reminds you of all the strengths you have. “The difference when you are with someone who adds comfort to your life and being with someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable is pretty much the difference between breathing and drowning," said Barton Goldsmith, psychologist and author.

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6. They know everything about you but still keep listening 

Every opinion that you have is something they want to hear. Your feelings matter to them and they would never force their decisions upon you. You both might have disagreements, but you never shut each other down. You freely express yourself because they make you feel safe, and you're confident about sharing what's on your mind without holding back. And you see them patiently listen to you every single time, even years after you have been together. 

7. They make you feel stronger and push you to do better

Whenever you have your moments of weakness, they are the ones who show you that you still have it in you. “You have to be able to love someone at their worst if you’re going to be with them,” said Goldsmith. And not only has your partner seen you at your worst, but they've also held out their hand and picked you up from it. You've grown stronger with them by your side and you're grateful for all that they do for you every single day.

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