9 Signs You Are Already With Your Soulmate Even If You Don't Realize It

9 Signs You Are Already With Your Soulmate Even If You Don't Realize It

The secrets and fears that you can't share with anyone else, you can share with them without fear of judgment and that's when you know you've found your soulmate.

Love can be complicated, messy, and difficult. But there will be that one person who comes along and makes all of that worth it. Nothing feels more right than being with this person and they make you believe in true love even more. And you know you've found that person if they are somewhat like this in your relationship.

1. They love every bit of you and wouldn't change a thing

When you see that they love you, with or without the perfect body, with or without the fancy things in life, you know that they love you for who you are. While you may see flaws in yourself, all they see is the partner who is perfect in their eyes just the way you are.

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2. They would never lie to you no matter how harsh the truth is

They might mess up sometimes and they might make mistakes in the relationship. But they wouldn't lie to you. Your partner wouldn't try to cover up the truth. While you may be hurt, they know that you both can pull through together and come closer to each other after finding a solution.

3. They are all you need at the end of a bad day

When things go wrong in life, as they often do, you will find that your partner is the only person you need to turn a bad day into a good one. They will tell you just what you need to hear and they would never leave you alone with your problems; they will hold your hand and cross them with you.


4. They stretch their world to include you and your needs in it

When you wonder why you love them so much, you will realize that it's because they pay attention to your needs. A true soulmate would see your needs as their needs; they are sensitive to your emotions and they will never think that their opinions are more important than yours.

5. They are not intimidated by your strong opinions, they love hearing them

The carefree spirit and independence that you carry yourself with, those are the things that your partner loves most about you. They never feel intimidated when you share your opinions and like when you're absolutely honest with them. They patiently listen and would never try to shut you down.

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6. They believe in you even when you might lose faith in yourself

They fill you with confidence and push you to face your fears, especially on days where you wake up and feel like you're too weak to take on the day. Your partner will remind you just how strong you are. Their words of encouragement will be all you need to overcome your fears.

7. They make you feel comfortable enough to share anything with them

While you might think the entire world will judge you, your partner will be the one person who would never think any less of you. They care about you deeply, making you comfortable to share anything. The secrets and insecurities that you would never share with anyone, you will be able to share it with them.

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8. They have earned your trust and would never go back on their word

You don't spend your nights wondering whether they would be loyal to you. You trust them with all your heart because they earned it. They didn't just give you words and promises; they showed you that they will keep their word through their very own actions.

9. They have a good heart and you have a permanent place in it

Most of all, your partner is the one person who shows you kindness and compassion. They never fail to show you respect, and most importantly, they see you both as equals in the relationship. They value your presence in their lives and as time passes, they love growing older with you.

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