6 Signs That You Have A Great Sex Life With Your Long-Term Partner

6 Signs That You Have A Great Sex Life With Your Long-Term Partner

It is possible for you to doubt if you are having a good sexual life. Some aspects of your life can be great parameters to test the success of your sexual life.

Couples in long-term relationships often worry about the state of their relationship after the initial romance and thrill. Most of them are confused whether they have a sexual connection that is good enough. These worries are important as having a healthy sex life is very crucial for any relationship. There are many ways in which you can figure out whether you and your partner are well connected sexually or not.

1. You feel comfortable asking for what you want

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Communication is key to any relationship. When you are comfortable enough to express your needs and wants to your partner, you most certainly have a healthy relationship. If you and your partner are open enough to have a conversation about your likes and dislike in bed without any awkwardness, it is the evidence for your healthy sexual relationship. 

2. You are present during sex

Partners involved in a long-term relationship, often find themselves lost during intimate moments. Sometimes partners do not realize their mind unknowingly slipping into matters of work or household chores. However, if you are able to enjoy mindful sex and be present at the moment, you are having a great sexual experience with your partner. Mindful sex does not mean that you will not have distracting thoughts. But it means that you will be able to let it go and not linger on the thought with ease and be in the moment.

3. You are happy outside the bedroom

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When you are in a relationship, it is important to bond sexually and emotionally. When partners have things sorted out in their bedroom, their life outside the bedroom will also feel better and happier. "The truth is, sex relaxes you, so if you find that you are happier, lighter on your feet and have less stress over the small things, you probably have a good sex life," said Lori Bizzoco, a relationship expert, as quoted by the website Insider.

4. You prioritize time with your partner

Life can get really busy sometimes with work schedules and other family commitments. But no matter what, you make it a point to find time with your partner. It is not necessary that it is always sexual but prioritizing your partner is a sign that you want to please each other. It shows that the partners value their time with each other and also their relationship.

5. Your communication outside the bedroom is great

It is important for partners to communicate their sexual desires but it is even more crucial for them to make regular conversations comfortably. If you are connected to your partner in the bedroom, it will also radiate in your everyday activities. When you share a great sexual bond with your partner, it will reflect in every area of your relationship and show your satisfaction in just being with your partner.

6. You give as well as receive

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A sexual relationship with a partner is not a one-way street. It involves giving and receiving. When partners feel it is important to do so, it shows that you care for each other and are keen to fulfill your partner's needs too. "While orgasming is not the whole point of sex, the absence of orgasm is a signal that something else is missing, like comfort, info about what turns you on, arousal, time, and mutual respect. If you're not on the same page as far as the timing of sex, take each other's specific needs into account and alter your sexual schedule accordingly," says Carol Queen, Sexologist, quoted Insider.