6 Things Your Body Unconsciously Does When You're In A Happy Relationship

6 Things Your Body Unconsciously Does When You're In A Happy Relationship

Couples in happy relationships show different signs that say they enjoy each others company and are truly in love with each other.

Sometimes partners may not be very vocal of their relationship. The way they interact will reflect the status of their relationship and their love for each other will translate into actions. It may be a warm hug or an arm around your shoulder. They might not be taking any efforts but their actions unconsciously show how happy they are in the relationship.

Here are few signs that tell you and your partner enjoy a loving, happy and healthy relationship. 

1. You will never let go of each other's hands


If you have observed you and your partner always walking hand in hand, it means that you enjoy a good relationship. It shows that as couples you share intimacy and love. "Touch symbolizes intimacy, emotional closeness, and happiness in a relationship,” said Terri Orbuch, a couples therapist to Women Health's Magazine. When your partner holds on to your hand, it shows that they are so comfortable with you that they have allowed you to into their personal space.  “Most people have a radius of about a foot and a half around us that is our personal space and if you let someone into that it indicates intimacy,” said Orbuch.

2. You always stand by their side


When two people are in love, their body unknowingly turns towards each other. When their bodies are facing each other and their heads lean towards each other, it shows that they like each other's company. They share a great level of intimacy and they desire the presence of each other. The more the front side of your bodies is turned toward each other, the more you like each other says Orbuch.

3. You always have an arm around your partner's shoulder 


You and partner may not be very affectionate in public but a simple gesture like a hand around your shoulder shows how satisfied they are in their relationship with you. Your partner is attracted to you and is connected to you emotionally and physically. “They’re trying to be more physically close to you by drawing you into them,” said Orbuch. Their arm around you, while you are sitting or standing close to them, says that your partner is not only happy but wants to be more involved and present in the relationship.

4. You never miss a chance to kiss each other


People who are romantically invested in a relationship tend to show their appreciation and love for their partners with timely kisses. When you are in a happy relationship, you will always find reasons to make your partner smile with the number of kisses you give them. "Soft lips that linger just an extra second clearly say, 'I'm happy to see you and I wish we could do more of this,'" says Susan Quilliam, author of Body Language Secrets: Read the Signals and Find Love, Wealth and Happiness to Red Book Magazine.

5. You have your hand behind each other's back


When you are in a happy relationship, you are not only attracted to the person but you also care for them. If you notice your partner's hand behind you very often, it means that they love you and want to protect you. They share a great emotional connection with you and want you to be safe. "...be a sign of caring, comfort, and emotional closeness. You’re reaching out to that person and symbolically helping them up or into a room in a positive way,” says Orbuch.

6. You always lean on each other


This is a very sweet gesture often seen when partners are happy with each other. Partners who do this trust each other and want to remain as close as possible. "You’re leaning on someone you trust and may want to be comforted by," says Orbuch. By doing this, your partner not only shares their joy in being in a relationship with you but also connected to you at every level.