13 Signs Your Soul Is Exhausted And Distressed

13 Signs Your Soul Is Exhausted And Distressed

Everything around you makes you feel dull. The smile on your face and the twinkle in your eyes are lost.

There are days when you feel that you are exhausted, but you are not sure why. It feels like you are suffocating within closed walls unable to breathe, unable to think. Life is no more colorful but plain grey everywhere. You are just living for the sake of it, and wanting to be happy and alive in the moment feels like taking so much effort just to stay alive and happy. These feelings should make a strong person like you realize that your soul is tired.

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Your soul is longing for a breath of fresh air to think, a reason to smile and be happy. Your soul wants to break out of the rut and enjoy its freedom. Break the barriers around you and make space for your feelings and thoughts to flow. Stop thinking about others' happiness and start living your life for yourself. Here are some signs that will tell you that your soul is exhausted:

1. You are physically weak

Do you feel so exhausted that the thought of getting out of bed annoys you? Have you lost interest in your favourite work out sessions that once inspired you? Is your body feeling drained out even without doing much? 

2. Fear holds you back

You are caught in a circle of fear and negativity has engulfed your life. You have lost the ability to make decisions because of the fear of its negative consequences. Being afraid to express your fears, you have shut down. 

In situations like this, talking to a trusted friend or a family member would help you pour down your fears and also make the right decisions. Taking help from a therapist is also a good option. 

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3. People take advantage of you

You want everyone to be happy and you fail to stick to your "no". And so, your personal space and emotions are often taken advantage of by the people around you. 

4. You are living a lie 

You are dying inside but you believe that you are alright. You pretend that everything is fine because you are afraid to face the truth. You convince yourself that you are living the life you want just to avoid conflicts and disagreements. 

5. You want to scream NO but you cannot

You disagree with the choice made by your partner. You know it's unreasonable and senseless but you cannot disagree. You have given up on your opinions and have allowed your partner to make decisions for you.

6. You are a new person

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Looking through the pictures on your phone, you cannot remember that cheerful, vibrant self. You cannot identify with the girl who laughed out loud and cracked the weirdest joke in the room without shame. She is gone far away, you don't know your new self, her emotions.

7. Nothing makes you happy

There was a time you enjoyed going to the gym, chatting with friends at the pub, taking your dog for a walk and listening to your favourite artist on the radio. However, none of these can bring a smile on your face anymore. you don't know why but you cannot enjoy it. You are just caught up in your room, doing nothing.

8. You don't remember your own laughter

You were a person who cracked silly jokes and laughed out loud. But gone are those days; smiles are seldom and happiness is lost. If you are that lost that you cannot recall when was the last time you laughed out loud, you have probably lost a part of yourself somewhere.

9. You feel lonely even when surrounded by people

You are surrounded by the people you love but you cannot connect with them as you did. There is an emptiness in your heart, the void you don't know how to fill. You put on a smile but you are detached from the faces you are familiar with.

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10. You are not motivated

The drive in you that made you an accomplished, smart person is lost. You don't find the motivation to do new things. 

11. You give a lot but receive nothing

You are surrounded by people who exploit you for their gains. They walk in and out of your life as they like. Though you thought you had them around, they are not be seen in your distress.

12. You have toxic company

People who call themselves your friends inject your life with negativity. They act like they care but they are just around to manipulate you for their needs. You listen to them and believe they are right, even when they are being downright selfish.

13. You hate everything you do

You count the number of hours at work, you are just there to fulfill the role assigned to you. There is nothing that excites you at your workplace or at home.

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