6 Signs That You Really Love And Accept Yourself

6 Signs That You Really Love And Accept Yourself

Loving yourself helps you become more compassionate and understanding towards yourself.

Self-love is a commonly used term today. However, not everyone is aware of its true definition. "Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve," according to therapist Andrea Brandt.

When you start loving yourself, you accept your flaws, strengths, and weakness. Moreover, you develop compassion for yourself. On the other hand, it does not mean you stop caring about others or become a narcissist. What is new is that you have an elevated appreciation for you as a person. Here are six signs that tell you that you truly love yourself. 

1. You enjoy pampering yourself sometimes

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You realize the importance of giving time to yourself even if you are swamped with responsibilities at work or at home. So, when you feel exhausted and overworked, you do not think twice about giving yourself some time to recharge. You may go on a weekend getaway to your favorite destination, enjoy a relaxing day at a spa, or have a hearty meal at your favorite restaurant. These timely breaks leave you rejuvenated and fresh. It keeps your spirits high and motivated. Apart from these breaks, you also make it a point to keep your physical and mental health intact.

2. You are not ashamed of your choices

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You have a clear direction in life and you truly know what you want in life whether it is professionally or personally. As a person, who loves yourself, you never refrain from voicing your choices and opinions. You are not afraid of being judged by anyone for your likes or dislikes. You put yourself in front of the whole world and speak for yourself even if the ones closest to you give up on you. 

3. You know when to walk away 

You have a big heart when it comes to loving and caring for the people that matter to you. But, you know where to draw the line. When you feel that you are being suffocated by the other person, you move on without thinking twice. While you may have enjoyed their company in the past, you are not going to compromise on your space and freedom for them. You will never allow a second person to take advantage of you or cross all boundaries to intrude into your life without your consent.

4. You recognize the people who genuinely care for you

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While you walk away from toxic and negative people, you surround yourself with the people that matter to you. You have an eye to pick out those that want good things for you. You spend time with them and hold them close to your heart. You embrace their positivity and use it to grow into a better person.

5. You will fight for yourself against anyone

Even when the whole world stands against you, your opinions and your dreams, you are ready to put up a fight. You will never settle for something you don't want. You believe that you are capable and smart enough. Therefore, you will never become prey to negative and demeaning comments. You are confident and will show others that you can do it instead of giving up on yourself. 

6. You don't compare yourself with anyone

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You believe in different personal journeys and battles. You know there is a struggle behind every person's success and no two timelines can be the same. Being a confident and logical person with the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, you don't waste time comparing failures and successes. You are motivated by other's victories and use it as a fuel to run your journey. You have a vision and you believe in the path you have chosen for yourself.

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