8 Signs That You Are On The Journey To Becoming Your True Self This New Year

8 Signs That You Are On The Journey To Becoming Your True Self This New Year

It takes a while to be that person who looks at life with a greater and deeper understanding. As time flies, we undergo several changes, until you become the truest form of yourself.

The realization of who you are is the true definition of wisdom and maturity. When you reach that stage in life, you develop the ability to make good judgments, good relationships and understand what suits you better. However, the path to this stage in life is not an easy road. And the year 2019 taught you that. You might have had to make some people unhappy, become brutally honest and replace your old image with a new one.

Here are a few uncomfortable things that will happen on your journey to becoming "You."

1. You have fewer friends

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You might have been a person who had a huge friend circle. But as you grew, you started looking at each of your so-called friends differently. You understood that there was no place for meaningful, open conversation. Either it was about a party or useless gossip. As your realization about these things deepens, the number of people whom you regard as close, genuine and honest become just a handful.

2. You feel lost 

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Everything felt fine until you decided to become your true self. Now that you are under the process of developing yourself, several questions arise in your mind. You think of the dreams you have, the hobbies you need to develop, your confusions and emotions. You look back at your past and think of the decisions that led you to your current circumstances. 

3. You have to face your emotions

You look at the world differently today. Incidents that might have broken you into pieces have no effect on you today. You have reached a stage where you seem less worried about such things. You look at these things as a useless waste of emotions.

4. You acknowledge your flaws 

Mistakes are part of everybody's life. We may all have been the reasons for somebody's tears. In the past, we were people who liked to defend one's choice regardless of how right or wrong it was. Your maturity has made you realize that you are an imperfect being. You have realized that your flaws are a part of you. 

5. You don't enjoy the social gatherings that you once loved 

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Every weekend was your chance to meet your friends and party hard. Nowadays, you seem to prefer spending time with yourself than getting drunk every Friday. You seem to enjoy reading a book, spending time with your dear ones or developing a new hobby. You prefer doing things that would improve your personality than wasting time with people who really don't matter to you. 

6. You make your rules 

You don't feel that you are obligated to anyone or that you need to do things to please any. You are no longer worried about creating an image but are keen to create a life on your own terms. You are willing to take risks, become more creative and are not afraid of deviating from the straight line.

7. You realize voicing your opinion all the time is tricky

You were always part of the majority who shook their heads to everything. But once you started exploring your true self, you realized that you disagreed with a lot of things that once agreed upon. You have different opinions and views. You want to express them but you are aware that being brutally honest can hurt people or may not always be appropriate. So, you do form your own opinion but you choose to voice them depending on the situation and people.

8. You let go of your comfort zone 

As children and teenagers, we might have limited ourselves to a safe and comfortable zone. But now that you have grown up, you have realized that it is time to let go of those comfortable spaces. You might have not realized but these spaces kept you away from growing up into a challenging human being.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.