6 Signs That Reveal You Maybe Stuck In An Immature Relationship

6 Signs That Reveal You Maybe Stuck In An Immature Relationship

Your relationship might be new but you need to figure out the kind of relationship you share with your partner. This will help you avoid an unclear future.

Relationships are often tough to interpret. Sometimes you refrain from discussing and asking important questions to your partners just because you are scared of letting go of momentary happiness. Though you are in the dark about a lot of things, you stay with the person till you reach our breaking points. Therefore, you should critically look into the kind of relationship you share with your partner. Here are a few things that will reveal if you are in an immature relationship.

1. You know something is missing

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Your immature relationship leaves you feeling empty. Though you are in a relationship, you feel like you are not complete. When you are away from your partner, it disturbs you. It creeps into your thoughts and disrupts your peace. However, when you meet your partner, these thoughts die away in the chatter and intimacy that share with your partner. Mature relationships, on the other hand, does not cause such voids. You are confident in the love and bond you have with your partner. 

2. You have so many unanswered questions

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There is no real communication in an immature relationship. You and your partner avoid raising questions such as, "Where are we heading?" OR "Do you want to be my partner for life?" There is always a lack of clarity and you fear to ask them to your partner. Mature relationships need not ask questions. If you are in a mature relationship, you do not need any validation. You know your partner well and are confident about the path you have chosen. 

3. You are striving to be a complete person

You know you have some shortcomings and keep looking on to your partner to complete it for you. You are dependant on the other person in an unhealthy way when it comes to immature relationships. You and your partner are not trying to encourage each other. However, in a mature relationship, partners push each other to overcome their limitations and pursue their passions. 

4. You feel your love is threatened 

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You and your partner often face threats from a third person. You are always paranoid with the coming of new individuals to your life. You feel you can easily glide away from your partner. When you are in a mature relationship, you know no one can destroy the love you share. You and your partner enjoy meeting other people and you don't view others as threats.

5. You are still talking about your past

An immature relationship always goes back to your pasts. You and your partner have unnecessary discussions on your past relationships. There are always comparisons or conflicts. There is no place for such things in a mature relationship. Past is past and it is not a topic you talk about.

6. You fight over texts 

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When disagreements happen in an immature relationship, partner bicker over a screen. You and your partner refrain from talking face to face. Every conflict is talked over lengthy texts and emojis. Mature couples, on the other hand, have a real talk. You sit down with your partner, talk out the issues and find a solution together.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.