8 Telling Signs You Are Being Prepared For A Major Life Change

8 Telling Signs You Are Being Prepared For A Major Life Change

You start feeling lost and confused, maybe even think that things are falling apart. But it's the disconnection that happens before things fall into place.

The only thing that's predictable about life is that it changes in unpredictable ways. There's absolutely nothing in your life that hasn't seen and endured change at some point; your relationships changed, the people in your life changed, your surroundings changed, and along the way, even you changed. Sometimes, life puts you through some major changes. You might not see the good in the change at first, but eventually, you will see that it's for the better.

If you start to see these five signs in your life, it's the subtle messages that are telling you to prepare for a big change.

1. You recognize that you're not happy with something in your life

Day after day, you have been going through your routine like you usually do, but at the end of each day you just feel like your day went by like a blur. You feel disconnected and finally, you realize that something is "off" and just not right. That's when you know that you're at the beginning of a big change. 

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2. You are filled with all kinds of emotions that you can't control

It could be your relationships or something about yourself that is changing. And when it's taking place, you start feeling all kinds of feelings and they might be spinning out of control. You feel guilty for certain things happening now or you feel angry with the way things are at present. You start feeling agitated and you crave for something new.

3. You stop avoiding the problems that you have been ignoring

Before life changes, it has a way of transforming the way you look at things. This is the phase where you start accepting that you have been ignoring certain issues, avoiding some difficult conversations, and allowing yourself to get used to things you don't really like. You feel your mind suddenly shift and you suddenly feel brave and more prepared for the change about to come.


4. You feel a little lost before things fall into place

It takes you time to finally realize that you have been frustrated and unhappy, but you didn't want it to accept it for so long. You're finally seeing that you have been putting up with less than what you deserve. And now you're left feeling lost because you think you have to undo the wrong that's been done; however, life is already taking care of it and helping you through the major change.

5. You stay alone for a while because it's your only comfort

You have started feeling so confused about what's next in life that you have started spending more time by yourself. While you feel isolated at first, you eventually see that your thoughts start aligning. A walk on the beach or a long drive helps you clear your head and get in touch with your emotions, helping you see what's up ahead.

6. You find some of your loved ones pushing you towards your destination

When life changes, you will find some of the most unexpected people pushing you on and filling you with hope. You start figuring out who matters in your life and who is worth taking as your life changes, and who needs to be left behind. Change is almost like a cross-over and there's no guilt in letting go of people who will hold you back as you step into the new beginning.

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7. You find meaning in the things you never understood before

All of a sudden, you remember old conversations and little messages that you read here and there that didn't quite make sense to you before. But you find meaning in them now. There may have been lessons that you ignored or avoided, but what you're experiencing now is changing you, mending your wounds from the past, and making you stronger.

8. You are forced to see hidden parts of yourself that you never saw before

Right before the major change takes over your life, you see new things about you that you never recognized before. You find that you can take on more than you give yourself credit for and you're more independent than you thought you were. As all the signs come together, you become confident enough to forget about what you might lose because of the major change. Instead, you see all that there is to gain.

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