5 Signs Your Partner Loves You But Has No Respect For The Way You Think Or Feel

5 Signs Your Partner Loves You But Has No Respect For The Way You Think Or Feel

You don't just want them to love you or say sweet things every now and then. It's mutual respect that helps a relationship stand the test of time.

You might feel the attraction, you might show care, and you might even be convinced that it's love. But to have a healthy relationship where it's not always about one person, love isn't always enough. It takes mutual respect, understanding, and, of course, at least a little compromise from both sides to make things work.

When you start feeling like your needs and your feelings are never a concern, the cracks in the relationship start growing and eventually make you feel miserable. Here's how you can tell that your partner, despite having love for you, has no respect for the way you feel.

1. They show you that they listen but convince you to agree with their way

Your partner might hear you but not actively listen to what you're saying. And even when they do listen, they might still manage to make you agree with their point of view, either through manipulation or always managing to turn the situation to their favor.

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"Listening to your partner when [they're] speaking is one of the most essential show of respect within a relationship," Justin Lavelle, dating expert told Bustle. "If you notice that your significant other is showing little interest when you’re talking, it may be a sign of [a] lack of respect."

2. They change the subject when you try to talk about what's on your mind 

When there's openness in the relationship, you both would be able to talk about even the most difficult issues. But when there's something on your mind that you tell your partner but notice that they dismiss your feelings or don't bother responding before changing the subject, it could be a sign of how they don't value your thoughts or feelings enough. An ideal partner would give as much importance to your opinion as they would give their own.

3. They don't see the big deal in breaking small promises

Neither do you see your partner keeping their promises, nor do you see them putting enough thought into at least making an effort. It may be okay to break certain promises due to the circumstances, but when your partner does it over and over again, it shows how you can't trust their word in most cases. It also indicates that you might not be able to count on them when you or the relationship needs help.

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4. They make you feel guilty when you want some time alone

It's healthy for couples to strike a healthy balance between 'us' time and some good old 'me' time. You both may love spending time with each other but when you need some space or some time off, it's important that your partner understands this. If they guilt-trip you into spending time with them or doesn't have the patience to understand why you might need some alone time, they might not be willing to respect your needs.

5. They make jokes about you that are sometimes hurtful 

When harmless teasing turns into belittling insults, these "jokes" could start affecting your emotional wellbeing. One red flag to watch out for would be if they say you're " too sensitive" or "over-emotional" to take their so-called sense of humor in stride. It could be another form of emotional abuse as pointed out by One Love Foundation. Even if your partner loves or cares about you, nothing they say should make you feel embarrassed, worthless, or ashamed.

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6. They aren't completely honest with you and don't mind lying sometimes

A few, small, and harmless lies here and there might not do any damage to the relationship. But constantly lying to you, no matter how big or small the lie is, could hurt the trust and honesty that you share in the relationship. If it starts putting a distance between you both, it could end up doing more damage than you realize. Ideally, your partner shouldn't feel the need to lie about anything and should be open enough to share everything with you, never shutting you out from what they are doing or feeling.