7 Signs That Your Partner Is Unhappy In The Relationship But Doesn't Know How To Tell You

7 Signs That Your Partner Is Unhappy In The Relationship But Doesn't Know How To Tell You

You don't want an apology from them. All you ask for is honesty rather than trying to hide the fact that their feelings have changed.

"Do they still love me after all these years..."

"Are they happy with me?"

After months or even years of being with your partner, you will still ask yourself these questions, and no matter how much you wish, you can never tell what your partner is thinking. But when things start changing in the relationship, sometimes you don't need to read their mind to know how they are feeling. They start giving you subtle signs that show you they are not happy with the relationship.

1. They do things for you out of obligation

It was the strong connection that you both felt that made you enjoy the time you spent together and work through the hurdles you faced in the relationship. But now, they seem disinterested in doing the things you both normally do, making it seem like they're doing it out of obligation. It can be a cause for concern if they avoid telling you what they're really feeling. "If they're just doing things because you asked and there is a lot of denial of issues and excuses, you just got a big clue as to their true feelings about the relationship," online dating coach, Joshua Pompey told Insider.

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2. They bring up problems from the past but aren't open to a solution

Sometimes, when your partner is trying to suppress their feelings about the relationship, they might start picking fights with you for no reason other than to express their unhappiness. "When a partner is unhappy and can’t find a way out of the relationship, they will turn to creating a problem that isn’t there," relationship expert Lori Bizzoco told Bustle. "Your partner may try picking fights over little things and making a big deal out of them."

3. They're smiling one moment but turn furious the next 

Recently, you've noticed how they've been moody, so much that you can never tell when they shift from being happy and cheery to frustrated and angry. "[It] likely means something in their feelings has changed and they are working on trying to figure out their feelings and what to do about it before telling you and ending the entire relationship," said Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach Lori Salkin at SawYouatSinai.com, according to Elite Daily.

4. They make changes to their usual routine

"A change in habits is one of the first signs of relationship issues," said Sarah E. Clark, licensed marriage and family therapist, according to Redbook. If you notice that there's a change in your partner's habits or in their typical routine, one of the reasons could be the change in the way they feel about the relationship. "If there are any significant changes, discuss them with your partner to determine what's behind them," added Sarah E. Clark.

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5. They shift the conversation whenever you talk about the relationship

When you try to talk about your partner about the way things have changed in the relationship, you can tell a lot by the way they react to your concerns. If they avoid talking about the future of the relationship, even when you're a married couple, it could lead to a heartbreaking place where you don't want to be in. "Not being on the same page when you're committed or married leads to unhappiness and divorce. Marriage is a big job. Don't say 'We'll figure it out later.' Later means never or when it's too late," said triple board-certified physician, Darius Russin.

6. They make plans that no longer include you

You no longer feel the rush of excitement when you see each other at the end of the day and conversations seem more forced than from the heart. You see your partner always has an excuse to spend less time around the house and may perhaps even make plans that rarely include you. "It [might] seem as if getting to see you or be with you has little importance to them," said relationship expert, Lori Bizzoco.

7. They no longer care enough to put in any effort

It takes two to make a relationship work and it's only a matter of time before things start falling apart when one person doesn't keep up their half in the relationship. "If your partner starts breaking promises or does not keep their word and does not seem to offer you more than a simple, 'I’m sorry,' this is a sign that they may not be happy in your relationship because they stop caring about how you feel," said psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport.

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