7 Signs Your Partner Cares For You But Is No Longer In Love With You

7 Signs Your Partner Cares For You But Is No Longer In Love With You

You still do the same things everyday. But even though you both are still the same, things still feel like they've changed.

Remember when you and your partner were so well-connected that you could almost tell what was on each other's mind? You knew exactly how they would flash their smile when they're excited. And one look was enough for you to know that something was worrying them. But now, you barely know what's going on with your partner. The two of you still do the same things and still share the same experiences, but nothing feels the same anymore. Things seem to be the same and yet something has changed, but somehow, you still can't figure out what it is.

Your partner still cares about you and wouldn't do anything to hurt you, but here's how you can tell that they have grown out of the love you once shared.

1. They seem to be listening but they don't really hear what you say

There may have been a time when you and your partner couldn't wait till the end of the day when you could cuddle on the couch and fill each other in on everything that happened during the day. But now, your partner seems like they're listening to you but they don't really seem interested. They don't ask you questions like they used to and they don't seem to want to share much about what's going on with them either.

2. They still show you affection but the chemistry is lost

They still take your hand when you reach out for theirs. They may kiss you goodbye before they walk out of the house and perhaps even give you a hug when they walk back in hours later. But it somehow seems like it's reflex from being together for so long. Once, your partner was able to make you feel desired and wanted with the way they held you in their arms. But the spark between you both seems to have dimmed down and you don't feel the rush of emotions anymore when they kiss you.

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3. They are no longer spontaneous or romantic

Some of the best memories you've shared with your partner may have been the ones where you both escaped your mundane routine together and did something completely new and thrilling. But now, whenever you suggest a weekend getaway or something as simple as trying out a new restaurant for date night, they are quick to give an excuse and say "no".

Your partner may have been spontaneous and romantic once, but now you can't recognize the person you're with because they're happy watching repeats on television, ordering the same takeout, and not putting any effort into keeping things exciting.

4. They check up on you but it seems more like out of obligation

When you're out, your partner might still text you, asking when you'd be back home or they might ask you what you'd like to have for dinner. But they no longer do the little things that once made you feel special, like sending you a random joke while at work or surprising you with your favorite cupcake or send you a message to show you that you're on their mind. Dating and empowerment coach Laurel House told Bustle, "If they never do the little thoughtful things that can truly make you happy each day, they're not in love."

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5. They quickly run out of things to talk about with you 

Lately, you may have noticed how you both sit on two ends of the table and have dinner with almost nothing to say. You try to make small talk but within minutes you don't have anything left to say, but somehow you can't accept that the silence is starting to feel awkward. You might even struggle to remember the last time you and your partner laughed away together or stayed up all night having long conversations. Most of your conversations seem forced and robotic now.

6. They don't seem to care enough to even have a fight

For a while, you may have felt like it's good that you and your partner haven't had an argument or a fight in so long. But now, it's starting to worry you that your partner just doesn't seem bothered enough to raise any issue. Things are changing between you both; you can feel it and they can feel it, but they don't seem to care enough to address it, let alone fight it out to make things work.

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7. They are present but their mind is somewhere else

No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get a genuine reaction or emotion from your partner. While they still uphold their commitment to you, you feel like your partner is becoming a stranger to you. "'In love' means they get your juices going, your hormones stirring, your neurotransmitters moving and shaking," said Kailen Rosenberg, master certified love, life and relationship coach, according to Elite Daily. "There is a feeling of attachment that can come with a mild possessiveness, almost a territorial vibe."