6 Signs You Are In A Relationship With A True Gentleman

6 Signs You Are In A Relationship With A True Gentleman

Every woman wants a man who a gentleman who loves them and respects them. Here are a few signs that will help you figure out if you are actually dating one.

There are some things that make some men stand out in the crowd. The way they talk, listen and engage with you speaks a lot about them. While a lot of us believe that chivalry is dead, we still have few men among us who do not fall under the popular belief.

Here are a few signs that will help you decide if you are in a relationship with a true gentleman:

1. He makes sure you are home safely

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Your partner not only takes you on a lovely romantic date but he also makes sure you have arrived home safely. This is the sign of a true gentleman. His circumstances would not have allowed him to drop you home but showing the sense to know whether you are safe speaks a lot about their concern for you.

2. He doesn't boast about his accomplishments

He may be the smartest or the richest, but a true gentleman will not go on and on about himself and his achievements for hours. He keeps himself low and uses the time with you to know you better. And even if his words may not show it, his actions will definitely show who he really is. So if you are with a partner who never shuts up about the greatest things he has done in life, it might be a sign to watch out for.

3. He listens to you instead of cutting you in between

There are no relationships without arguments and fights. We often see people losing their calm over small disagreements that blow up into arguments they never saw coming. If your man sits and listens to your arguments and then talks, it shows he is matured enough and knows how to make things work. Such a partner is not in a hurry to prove his point. It is a sign of a gentleman who thinks it is important to allow the woman to express herself without unnecessary breaks and inputs from his side.

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4. He'd rather use his wit than his might

When your partner wants to get a point across, he uses his intelligence to prove his point. He makes sure you get what he is saying by explaining it in a way that isn't condescending or comes across as "mansplaining". No matter how much time you take to figure things out, he will be patient. He will never use his hand to win an argument. Such a man values and respects you as a person. He gives the time and the space to realize things, rather than imposing them on you by force.

5. He steps in when you need him

There are times when we are stuck in situations that are often termed as creepy or dangerous. When your man knows that you need him to be there, he will be there no matter what. He considers you an important part of his life and believes he needs to make you feel safe and secure. Safety concerns aside, your partner knows he needs to be the support you need, even if you may not always ask for it. He's supportive enough to let you know he's there if you need him, but not intrusive enough to impose his company on you.

6. He shows you small gestures of love

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Your partner does not try to draw unwanted attention or proclaim to the world that you are his property. But he shows his love in the most gentle and subtle way that makes you feel loved and cared. He may not believe in public displays of affection that may make you uncomfortable, but he knows how to make you feel special the way you would like best.

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