7 Signs Your Broken Relationship Is STILL Worth Fighting For

7 Signs Your Broken Relationship Is STILL Worth Fighting For

There may be problems between you both or you might be going through a rough patch. But none of that is stronger than the love you both have for each other.

Nobody ever said that relationships were easy. Sometimes, you see your 'rational mind' telling you that your relationship is broken and over, but your heart isn't ready to accept it just yet. It's probably because deep down you know that even if you're in a broken relationship, it's still worth fighting for. And here's how you can be sure.

1. Your love for each other is stronger than the problems you have

Your problems in the relationship may seem big and your troubles may feel daunting, but they can't compare to the love you have for each other. You know it's hard to fix things between you both, but it's even harder to walk away from the love of your life. That's why you both are willing to swallow your pride, meet each other halfway, and mend the relationship.

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2. You still fight but not in a way that belittles each other

There are times when you feel angry, frustrated, and utterly helpless in the relationship. But even when you both fight, you do so without threatening or manipulating each other. The conflicts are dealt with in a healthy manner. If either one or both of you in the relationship try to have an open conversation without harming each other, it makes overcoming the problem much easier.

If the disagreement or conflict seems like something you may never be able to move past as a couple, it is still important to remember that you can still disagree and stick to your decisions without hurting each other. This makes a huge difference for couples who want to stay together.  If it has made you realize you both are willing to fix it despite your differences, that you know the fight was not in vain.

3. You both still feel physically and emotionally drawn to each other

It's been months or maybe even years since you and your partner felt the attraction and gave in to each other. Despite all the problems, you both haven't grown apart because that attraction is still there between you both and it's keeping you both together. You haven't grown tired of each other or sick of each other. When you're repairing your relationship, you know that you're fighting against the problem and not against your partner.

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4. You have seen each other's best and stuck through each other's worst

As you both grew, your relationship grew with you. Your partner helped you laugh as you struggled through your personal battles and you helped them find the silver lining when they couldn't see it themselves. You have been with each other through the best and worst and never tried to drag each other down. You both bring out the best in each other and overcoming this hurdle, like all the other hurdles in the past, is going to bring you both closer.

5. You have found your one, true, irreplaceable best friend in them

You never have to force yourself to smile, force yourself to laugh, or force yourself to be anything but yourself when you're with them. Your partner makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, because not only are they your partner but they're also a best friend to you. If it was just physical attraction or just love on the surface, your connection would have faded away long before. But the fact that you both have made it this far shows that you're meant to keep going.

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6. You can't imagine a future without them in it

Things might be rough in the relationship at the moment. But every time you think of the future and your partner is always in it, it shows how you're not willing to give up on each other. You don't even remember what your life was like before your partner walked into it. Disagreements will always be a part of your relationship, but it's just a small part of the beautiful time you will spend by each other's side.

7. You may find another companion if you move on but not someone like them

Friends and family may have always told you that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. But you have eyes for only one person. You know that you can find other partners and may even fall in love again, but absolutely no one can make you feel the way your one true love made you feel. That's why you're willing to fight to make things work and put back the pieces of your relationship, no matter how broken it is.



There are some things that should never be tolerated in a relationship no matter how much you love your partner. If you find that your partner is abusing you, manipulating you emotionally, lying to or cheating on you, you might be better off without them. If they threaten you when you're in an argument, If they don't see eye-to-eye with you and are not willing to compromise, it might not be worth fighting for the relationship. You might think that you still love them, but if you're being coerced in the relationship and you feel unhappiness and dissatisfaction, the best thing to do is walk away before it causes lasting damage.