The Full Sturgeon Moon On August 15 Will Impact Your Love Life With A Chance Of New Beginnings

The Full Sturgeon Moon On August 15 Will Impact Your Love Life With A Chance Of New Beginnings

Sturgeon Full Moon August is the time of the year to welcome positive energies and life changes. It is important to open your minds to the changes around you.

August 15, 2019, is the day to look forward to the upcoming full moon. The moon appears to be red and hazy is also known as the Full Red Moon. This Moon is known to bring in new energies that will help you prepare for the upcoming months.

The day referred to as the August Full Sturgeon Moon was named after the Native Americans and is highly significant as it comes after the rough month of July. The Sturgeon is a large fish that is usually found in the great blue lakes. Like how the lake connects with all water bodies such as the seas, the rivers, and the oceans, we who are the Sturgeons are connected to the nature around us. As we step into the Sturgeon Moon, the energies around us will differ for the best.

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Full moon of any kind brings with it the possibilities of new beginnings, be it in personal life, professional or perhaps even spiritual. But during this full moon, you will realize that you are stronger than you think. For those of you who have a rough month of July, this month will make you believe that you are tougher and can survive anything.

If you have survived last month and its obstacles, the months ahead of you are not difficult to deal with.

The full moon is the time to forget your last month struggles and to focus on the days ahead with confidence. Use the surge of energy on August 15 to reconnect to your surroundings and to find people who have similar interests. Take this time to let go of all that is bothering you and make sure you open your mind to being more flexible.

August is a powerful month and the best time to reevaluate your life. You should consciously make efforts to open up to the new energies around you and let go of anything that is holding you back from exploring the life in front of you.

You will need to make space for emotional freedom. Though you might feel challenged by your own emotions, being with a group of people will give you more clarity. It will free you from negative emotions such as anger and fear and help you gain more clarity. According to experts, taking time to meditate or pray in a quiet place is a great way to welcome this day.

Do not miss out on the day that will connect you closer to the positive energies in the surroundings. It is undeniably the time to grow, to receive greater blessings and to connect to fellow humans.