Sheryl Crow Felt "Alive & Young" After Her Breakup Which Shows How Ending Wrong Relationships Can Restore Your Life

Sheryl Crow Felt "Alive & Young" After Her Breakup Which Shows How Ending Wrong Relationships Can Restore Your Life

Sheryl Crow struggled to deal with her broken relationship and the diagnosis of cancer. However, she did not give up.

We always hope for the best when we enter into relationships. We are invested in the love we share with our partner and we obviously dream of a future with them. So after having built up a perfect fairy tale in our head, it is impossible to see it all fall apart. American musician, Sheryl Crow experienced that in her life. When she least expected it, her partner walked out of her life. 

Sheryl Crow began dating cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2003. After three years of being celebrated as a couple, in 2006 they got engaged. However, that engagement was short-lived. Within 5 months of popping the question, Armstrong walked out of her life and the singer was devastated. Soon after, her fans were shocked to hear another heartbreaking news. Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer. "I was so shocked. I mean, obviously, lots of tears. All of us were in shock. I mean, time really stood still," recalled the singer, according to ABC News. She was shattered by the two unexpected events that struck her one after another.

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While she had to go through with her treatment, she also had to deal with the pain of her lost relationship. "It is like a death, you know. And in many ways, it's like having part of your life amputated, but you still have that phantom itch, you know, where you wake up and I'll see something and think, 'Oh, I've got to make sure Lance is hip to this band. I've got to put it on his iPod.' And then I remember, 'Oh, wait, you know, that's not my life,'" stated the singer. 

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Besides being a stranger to her own life, she was also disturbed by the paparazzi that surrounded her during that emotional phase. “When I was diagnosed and my relationship fell apart, people were camped outside trying to get that picture of Sheryl Crow at her lowest moment. I just lost all faith in humankind,” said Crow to People.

But Crow was not going to give up that easily. She struggled through it and defeated cancer victoriously. In 2007, she began building the life she wanted. “But I licked my wounds. I started feeling like, ‘I’m at a point in my life where I need to manifest something more realistic,’” recalled Crow. 

She adopted two children and found ways to fix the broken pieces of her heart. “Now I have a place to come home to. I feel like everything in your life presents itself as a means of helping you remember who you are. There are so many times along the way that you forget who you are, and that’s when you find yourself the loneliest,” said the artist.

She moved to Los Angeles with her kids and even started working on her music. “Now I drop my kids off in the school drop-off lane, I pick them up after school, and I’m perfectly content. I feel so much more alive and young than I even felt in the 20 years of living in L.A. I love my life,” said the 57-year-old.

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While music and children are her main priorities, Crow has not given up on love. She hopes to find love, to be married one day.

However, she would only consider someone who can be an example to her boys. “I would love [to get married]. But I don’t think it’s the end-all, be-all. Being well-loved and loving someone is what it’s about. And that’s another area that’s just priceless to be able to model to your kids. So if it isn’t that, then I don’t want it around them,” said the Grammy-winning artist.