Sharon Stone Helplessly Watched Her Grandfather Physically Abused Her 5YO Sister | "I Would Have Loved to Stab Him to Death”

Sharon Stone Helplessly Watched Her Grandfather Physically Abused Her 5YO Sister | "I Would Have Loved to Stab Him to Death”

Sharon Stone explained the details of the dark phase in her memoir.

Sharon Stone curtained the painful memories of her past for a very long time in her life. Recently, the actress, who was a popular sex symbol in the industry opened up about how she and her sister, Kelly, suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. In her memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, Stone disclosed the dark phase of her childhood. She also informed the readers that it was her and her sister's mutual decision to divulge the incident to the world, according to The New York Times


She also stated that she discussed their decision with their mother. "We spoke to my mother and at first she was very stoic and wrote me a letter about how disconcerting all this information was. The whole pious, horrified, I-don't-really-want-to-talk-about-it-directly kind of thing. Then my sister got loaded when my mom was staying with her and really went for it with my mom," said Stone. She added, "And my mom had a major breakthrough. When I finished the book, I read it to my mother over a three-day period. And I had the flu at the time. I was in bed and she got in bed with me as I finished the book, and then I recorded an hour and a half of her talking. And then I rewrote a lot of the book. That's when I dedicated the book to her."


As per Los Angeles Magazine, Stone divulged one of the horrific incidents that happened when she was just 8-years-old.  She was forced to watch her five-year-old sister being molested by her grandfather with her grandmother allowing the abuse to happen. Later on, when her grandfather passed away, Stone who was just a child felt uncomfortable with her feelings. Recalling his death, she wrote, “it’s a very weird thing when you’re a kid and the first experience you have of death is glee and relief. And emptiness.”

Though he was no more alive, the anger and pain never left Stone. It was such a huge part of her life that she used it as a driving force to play the role of serial killer Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct.

"To know that I was so angry that I would have loved to stab [my grandfather] to death,” said Stone. Describing the experience, the actress said it “was incredibly freeing.” 


Besides the traumatic experience she faced from her own blood, she also endured other hardships as a teenager and then as an adult. When Stone was just 17-year-old, she went through a secret abortion. As an adult, she suffered three miscarriages. 

Speaking to the Times about what people might feel about her truths, the actress argued that people would create their own stories if she did not put it all out. "There's been pretty much an adult lifetime of people making up my life for me. I've had quite a bit of tummy trouble waiting for this book to come. Now I'm going to go out in the most menacing, disruptive, psychologically aggressive period that our world has been in since the '60s and be vulnerable and open," Stone continued. "I understand that I'll be met with a certain amount of that. But I don't want to gird my loins. I don't want to be defensive. I want to prepare to be open and present. Because that's the purpose of my journey," she said.