Sharon Osbourne Hid Her Sorrow To Be Strong For Husband After His Parkinson's Diagnosis|"I Have To Be There For Ozzy"

Sharon Osbourne Hid Her Sorrow To Be Strong For Husband After His Parkinson's Diagnosis|"I Have To Be There For Ozzy"

Sharon Osbourne met Ozzy when she was just 18 years old. Since then, they have been together and working through every curveball thrown at them.

A supportive partner like Sharon Osbourne can help one navigate through the toughest times. Sharon and Ozzy have known each other for almost 40 years and have been married for 38 years. Though the couple has gone through some really tough and challenging phases, they have emerged stronger together. Earlier this year, the couple opened up about Ozzy's Parkinson's Disease in an emotional interview.

Talking about her husband's illness, the famous TV host, Sharon held back her tears and stated she could not break down because she had to stay strong for her husband. "I have to be there for Ozzy and for the family. If I break down... no, can't do it," said the 67-year-old, according to Good Morning America. She even assured her husband's fans that he would soon be back to entertain them with his music. "He's gonna get back out there. And he's gonna do what he loves to do; I know it."


The Black Sabbath singer sat down with his wife and talked about the personal battle he was fighting since 2019. "It's been terribly challenging for us all. I did my last show New Year's Eve at The Forum. Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves," said the singer, according to Good Morning America. Though Sharon was visibly sad and worried about her husband's health, she added, " It's PRKN 2... it's not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination, but it does affect certain nerves in your body. And it's -- it's like you have a good day, a good day, and then a really bad day."


After the announcement, Sharon thanked her husband's fans for having his back and for encouraging him with all their lovely messages. She told that her husband was born to make music and that the family would not stop him from pursuing his passion. “We’re not going to stop until Ozzy is back out there, on that stage, where he belongs. It was what he was born to do," according to Page Six

Sharon has always rooted for her husband and their love story when she was a teenager.


She was just 18 years old when she met the metal singer. Eventually, she started managing his career and the couple began dating. Just three years later, they tied the knot and the couple welcomed their three children.

However, their marriage journey was never easy. Ozzy battled with alcohol and drug addictions and even betrayed Sharon's trust. But Ozzy made the effort to correct his ways and regain the trust of his beloved wife. Sharon, on the other hand, opened her arms wide and gave him another chance. “It was hard to rebuild the trust, but I can’t imagine my life without Ozzy," said the host to E!Online, alluding to their reconciliation after Ozzy's affair.

Though rumors of their divorce became the talk of the town many times, The couple has managed to move past their tough phases. Sharon said, "You know what, my hubby … he might be a dirty dog, but he’s my dirty dog. I’ve known him since I was 18 and I’m 64 — can you believe it?” according to Closer Weekly.


On the other hand, Ozzy who has witnessed and experienced the care and love of his wife over the years once stated she has been a "god" in his life, according to Daily Mail

Celebrating their 38th anniversary, the couple paid tributes to each other. Sharon wrote, "40 years together, 38 years of marriage, why did it go so quickly? Wasn’t it yesterday our kids were babies, we were young and thought we knew everything."

She continued, "Your love makes me feel safe and brave, you are a part of me, you’re in my soul forever my darling. Always, your Sharon," according to Mirror Online.


Undoubtedly Sharon has never given up on her relationship and her husband. She always found a way to work it out without compromising on her values.