Sharon Osbourne Sports "100% White" Locks After Years Of Dyeing Her Hair Vibrant Red, And Does She Look Stunning

Sharon Osbourne Sports "100% White" Locks After Years Of Dyeing Her Hair Vibrant Red, And Does She Look Stunning

Sharon Osbourne colored her hair weekly for the past 18 years. Finally, she is flaunting the grey with pride.

Knowingly or unknowingly many of us are pressured into abiding by certain standards laid by society. This means changing the way we look, the way we dress and so on. However, embracing who you are in spite of this takes courage. After all, it is important to realize that the silver locks of your hair or the chubbiness of your cheeks do not define you. It is who you are and you don't have to be ashamed to wear it with pride. America's Got Talent judge & talk show host, Sharon Osbourne has finally decided to follow that path.


According to People, Sharon who is always seen with her signature red hair and a wide smile has taken a different turn. After nearly two decades, the celebrity has finally embraced her shiny grey locks. Sharon consulted enlisted celebrity colorist Jack Martin to help her with the epic transformation. The artist took to Instagram to announce the celebrity's new look. He posted a picture of Sharon's before and after looks and wrote, "Another great day in my career welcoming the most beautiful and elegant talk show host and entertainer @sharonosbourne for a complete transformation."


He further went on to say that Sharon had been dying her hair every week for the past 18 years to keep up with her perfect red hair look. "Sharon has 100% white hair and she was coloring her hair once a week dark vibrant red for the past 18 years. She explained to me that she wanted to do this transformation long time ago but every time she attempts it ends up with a disaster," wrote the artist.

He added that the weekly routine was tiring for Sharon but the woman who was obligated to look camera-ready every other day went on with the practice. "Sharon was very tired of coloring her hair once a week and she was obligated to since she is on tv almost every day hosting her popular tv show @thetalkcbs," wrote the artist.


The hair artist said that he had to work for around 8 hours to achieve Sharon's new look. "It took me a total of eight hours from start to finish to get her to a platinum blonde so she doesn’t have to be committed to coloring her hair once a week anymore. I had great time spending my day off with this gorgeous, humble, and sweet soul,' wrote Martin, concluding the post.

Sharon's grey hair look comes soon after Jane Fonda flaunted her gray pixie hairstyle on the Oscars stage. Martin was the mastermind behind her look too.