These Personality Traits Could Explain The Issues You & Your Partner Face In A Relationship

These Personality Traits Could Explain The Issues You & Your Partner Face In A Relationship

When you're distracted by other thoughts while having sex or you stick to the same position, it's because of your personality or the current dynamics in the relationship.

You can try ignoring them, but the problems that you face every day in the bedroom with your partner are the ones that are always at the back of your mind but you don't know how to deal with them. If you take a closer look at the sexual problems you're facing, you will see how it reflects parts of your personality or the dynamics that you currently have in the relationship. If you experience any of these sexual problems in the relationship, here's what it says about you.

1. You're an over-thinker 

If you're the kind of person who obsesses over every single detail and overthinks almost everything in your life, you might do the same when you're in the bedroom as well. Instead of being in the moment and being responsive to what your partner might be doing, you find yourself lost in your own thoughts. It could be a sign of how you're generally an over-thinker who is constantly worrying or stressing about things in your life, as Dr. Andrea Pennington, author, and Integrative Physician in an article for sensualvitality.tv. From making tomorrow's grocery list to remembering whether you fed the cat, your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and you're less likely to enjoy your sex life, even if your partner may be doing things right.

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2. You always put the needs of others before your own

If you're always concerned about the wellbeing of others, it could show that you tend to ignore your own sexual needs and focus only on what your partner wants to do. Just like you sacrifice your needs for your family's while ignoring your own, even in the bedroom, you feel guilty about asking for what you want and you generally ignore your own pleasure for your partner. Most of the time, you're all too tired from running around taking care of everyone that you're too exhausted by the end of the day to enjoy being intimate with your partner, so you tend to go with how your partner wants to have sex.

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3. You always, ALWAYS want to be in control of the situation

If you're the kind of person who likes to take the lead and take control of every situation, it could show that you tend to be dominating in the bedroom as well. While this may suggest that you have a good sexual experience, it might not always be so; you might not feel fully satisfied because you miss out on building the intimacy of it all. When you and your partner are not able to emotionally bond while having sex, it could show how you tend to make it all about the performance and the outcome rather than the fun and intimacy.

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4. You have no inhibitions and you're labeled the risk-taker

If you're often called the extrovert of the bunch who has no inhibitions when it comes to connecting and socializing with people, you might also be the kind of person who takes risks in the bedroom, as Mindbodygreen highlighted. You're the kind of person who enjoys having large social groups and you find it quite easy to connect and mingle with people. You might even be more sexually active; nothing deters you from making the first move when it comes to sex. Because you don't have inhibitions about your sexual desires, you have nothing stopping you from trying new things with your partner and you are quite satisfied with how you're sex life is going.

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5. You're the glue that keeps everyone together

If you're the kind of person who's always multi-tasking and juggling between all your responsibilities in life, you might be someone who never makes time for sex or you only engage in it when your partner suggests it or makes the move. You have too much on your plate and you running about throughout the day, trying to keep up with your roles as a partner, sibling, son or daughter, parent, and more. Because of this, you're at a stage in life where you miss your younger and spontaneous self. You are generally stressed and running about through the day that sexual pleasure is no longer a priority for you anymore.

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6. Your gentle nature makes people warm up to you fast 

When you have an "agreeable" or "conscientious" nature, you might be someone who doesn't take risks when it comes to sex or you might stick to the same position or routine most of the time. You are the kind of person who's warm and people find it easy to connect with you. You are quite faithful to your partner and wouldn't think about cheating on them. Sometimes, you might be conservative about the idea of sex and you might hesitate to try anything that's too out of your comfort zone in the bedroom when your partner suggests something different.

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