Couple Who Wanted Their Only Kid To Have A Sibling Gave Birth To 7 Babies At Once: Here's A Peek Into This Merry Family

Couple Who Wanted Their Only Kid To Have A Sibling Gave Birth To 7 Babies At Once: Here's A Peek Into This Merry Family

Parents Bobbi and Kenny heard the word "septuplets" for the first time in 1997 when they heard the news that they were going to have seven kids at once.

God has shown time and again that he does listen to the prayers of his believers and provides them what they wish for. But sometimes, the Almighty can be far too generous. Don't believe us? Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey are proof.

The couple made headlines back in 1997 when Bobbi gave birth to the first surviving septuplets. Bobbi suffered from fertility issues since she was born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland, but miraculously, they welcomed their daughter, Mikayla Marie, 24, in 1996, reported Daily Forest.

The couple then wished for a younger sibling for Mikayla but due to the complications she faced the last time during her pregnancy, Bobbi and Kenny decided to opt for fertility treatment. The mum was given Metrodin, a drug that helps stimulate ovulation. On one of the days of regular scan the couple was given the news they had never expected and also a word they had never heard: They were going to be parents of “septuplets."




Back in 1997, The New York Times had revealed that the McCaughney's never expected Bobbi's pregnancy to become such big news, reports NPR., They wrote, "The pregnancy has captured worldwide attention as both a symbol of the ultimate scientific miracle and a cautionary example of the unwanted consequences of fertility treatments." They also revealed that the couple had an option to abort some of the babies so that there could be a better rate of survival but, "They said their religious beliefs would not allow any abortion."

Even though the family rejected all T.V reality show offers, they did make an exception for a Dateline birthday special that gave the world a little glimpse into the lives of the seven extraordinary kids, reported Direct Expose. When the septuplets—Joel, Nathan, Kelsey, Natalie, Alexis, Kenneth, and Brandon McCaughey—turned 13, a documentary was made on them titled, America’s Septuplets Turn 13.



It's not like the family didn't suffer from any hardships. Two of the siblings, Alexis and Nathan, suffered from challenges of cerebral palsy since their birth but that didn't stop them from enjoying life. While Nathan taught himself to walk "because I really wanted to learn," Alexis started taking part in beauty pageants for specially-abled children and won the Teen Miss Dream Made True contest in 2013. 

Back in 2018, the kids appeared on Today just a few days after their 21st birthday only to reveal that they all had become responsible individuals. Kelsey, who's the fourth -oldest of the sibling said, "I think that we're all becoming very independent and finding our different talents and different skill sets. It's cool to celebrate this different milestone."



Their mom, Bobbi, revealed that since birth they all had "varied interests,'' but it never affected their "close bond to one another." They still explored, "different activities and different classes."

Kelsey, Natalie, Nathan, Joel, and Alexis pursued their studies at the Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri, which offered all of the children scholarships upon their birth. Kenneth studied vocational school for the building trade, and Brandon served the U.S army.



Bobbi says since the kids have all grown up, the couple has a lot more things to do together "but at the same time I kind of miss the business of having everyone at home. When they are home, it's really enjoyable and something we look forward to a lot."

Being the first surviving septuplets of the world, recognition has not left them. "I would say that Kenny and I still get recognized fairly often because we look the same, but nobody recognizes the kids at all,'' Bobbi said.

The McCaughey couple is also grandparents to their older daughter Mikayla's 1-year-old son Becham. She was the first one to get married among all the siblings. "It was a really cool moment to be able to see my sister continuing on with her life and starting a family of her own,'' Kelsey said talking about Mikayla.

Natalie and Brandon too got engaged. "We're not only siblings, but we're also best friends,'' said Natalie and added, "I know that we're all just really thankful for the relationships and the bonds that we do have."