Selfless Dad of 4 Loses Own Life After Trying To Save Motorist Stranded After Accident | He "Gave Up His Life"

Selfless Dad of 4 Loses Own Life After Trying To Save Motorist Stranded After Accident | He "Gave Up His Life"

The pastor and his friend stepped out of their car to help the ones in need when a semi-truck came out of nowhere

Putting your life at risk for another person is not a sight you often see. A Texas pastor and father was therefore a rarity. However, his good deed was followed by a horrible accident that took away his life. 

According to People, 38-year-old John Powell and another man were driving through the U.S. Highway 75 at around 11:30 p.m. At that moment, the duo noticed a Dodge Charger on fire after it had suffered from a crash.

The kind men thought it was right to get down and offer a helping hand to the ones involved in the accident. So, Powell along with the man stepped out of their car. However, fate was cruel to the kind-hearted man. Powell was hit by a passing semi-truck and the man lost his life.


Sgt. Brett Mullen of the Sherman Police Department stated that the pastor pushed his companion to safety before he died in the unexpected accident.

"Initially a Chevy truck pulling a trailer was involved in a crash with a Dodge Charger, causing the Dodge Charger to catch on fire," said the officer, explaining the incident. He further stated, "A passerby stopped and got out to help was struck by a passing semi-truck that was passing by the crash scene," according to News 12.

The officer also confirmed that the charges were not yet decided. "Since it’s still under investigation, what charges, if any that will be filed have yet to be determined," stated Mullen. He also claimed that the initial crash between the Charger and the truck had only resulted in minor injuries.

Go Fund Me Page

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to support the pastor's family of 4 children, Gunner, Bennett, Ada Kate, and Reese and his wife, Katherine. The page was started by Andrew Walker, a man who knew the pastor for almost two decades.

"We are asking for friends and family to help care for the Powell family as they deal with unspeakable tragedy and grief. As they have shown all of their family and friends love in times past, let us now, as the body of Christ, show them love and care," stated the page.


The pastor and his family belong to the Emmanuel Baptist Church in New Caney, a small town near Houston."In true form, this servant and gentle leader we all knew and love gave his life so that others may live," said the page. The page also claimed he was a "devoted husband and an incredible father."

According to People, Powell first served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Hamlin, a small town in Texas. He got his masters in divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and met his wife at Southwest Baptist University.


Daniel Patterson, vice president of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission remembered Powell and said, "John had the capacity to make nothing about himself. He was always interested in other people and was a remarkably gifted guy who drew no attention to himself. I’ve never known a person quite like him." 

He also stated that news of his demise was devastating to the people, who loved him. Meanwhile, he said he way he died was “absolutely unsurprising to anyone who knew and loved him.”