Selfless Nurse Loses Her Leg After She Neglected The Leg Pain & Dedicated Herself Completely To Patients Infected By The Virus

Selfless Nurse Loses Her Leg After She Neglected The Leg Pain & Dedicated Herself Completely To Patients Infected By The Virus

Sette Buenaventura had no other option. Her only way to survive was to amputate her leg.

The pandemic saw the determination and hard work of front line workers like almost never before. Undoubtedly, their sacrifice and hard work were factors that helped in fighting the global crisis.

Sette Buenaventura from the UK is such a nurse. However, while she struggled to help others, she forgot to pay attention to her own pain. The price she paid for it was too hard. The woman had no option but to amputate her leg.

The nurse, who worked at the Salford Royal Hospital in the UK struggled to walk during her busy shifts at the hospital, according to BBC News. The pain on her right calf was too bad but the 26-year-old thought it was just because of being on her feet continuously.

Given the pandemic, the situation in the hospital was critical and no staff had time to think of their worries and aches. "When Covid-19 kicked off, we worked flat out, we didn’t have time to worry about aches and pains. We were there every hour to help anyone who needed us [and] I got a real taste for that level of commitment. That is what working in hospitals is like - you forget about your own pains because you’re busy helping other people, which I love to do, but everything comes at a cost," said the nurse.

Moreover, it was normal for legs to hurt after long shifts. "I work in the stroke ward as a nurse and usually get muscle cramp in my legs because I’m always on my feet," said Buenaventura, according to Metro.



She continued doing her work sincerely and shrugged off any pain that bothered her. However, she reached a point where she could not take the pain any longer. In April, she went on to get a scan her right calf hoping to fix her pain forever. But, she was in for a heartbreaking shock. The scan revealed a sarcoma, a type of cancer that starts in tissues like bone or muscle. The cancerous tumor had swelled up to become the "size of a golf ball."

The doctors first thought they could operate the tumor but soon after, they told her that she had to get rid of her leg to survive. The news came to her as a shock but the brave woman went ahead with it though her fate caused her sadness.

Just four weeks after her diagnosis, the woman lost her leg, according to Metro. "When they told me I had to have my leg removed, I got very upset, but because I had no time to think about it, I just got on with it. I like to look after myself and try my best to be healthy. I work in healthcare and never expected this to happen to me," she said, according to CBS News.


After the surgery, Buenaventura has now been fitted with a prosthetic limb. She even hopes to get back to work by November 2020. However, she is still coming to terms with everything that happened to her.

"I can’t look in the mirror now and I don’t want to because it’s too much to acknowledge that what I’m seeing in the mirror is the new me," said the woman, according to Metro.

Looking back at the incident, the woman stated, "Obviously, it has been a lot busier this year and but I don’t think it’s the direct cause of what has happened to me, it just may have helped it along in the months leading up to the increased pain."

She even claimed to be proud of being able to help people through the pandemic. "Although I couldn’t be there with my colleagues for the whole fight I’m so proud of all of them for keeping going," said the woman, according to Metro.


On the other hand, she hopes her experience would motivate other people to take their body pains and other issues seriously.

"I think it’s really important for anyone with a lingering pain to go and get it checked out. If I had caught this sooner, I would probably be in a different position now. Although I won’t let this get in the way of my life goals, I feel like now that it has happened I should at least try to help stop it from occurring in other people like myself."


She added, "It’s not the end of the world, but is all new to me, and I’m glad I have such great support from family and friends to help me get through this – and hope to help other people going through the same thing," according to Metro.