Braveheart Mom Beats Deadly Virus In Isolation To Give Birth To Her Triplets All Alone Without Any Family Next To Her

Braveheart Mom Beats Deadly Virus In Isolation To Give Birth To Her Triplets All Alone Without Any Family Next To Her

Maggie was in isolation and could not even see her husband before her delivery.

A mother's love and sacrifice cannot be measured or explained. They are so selfless that they place their children before them and pray for their wellbeing. Maggie is such a mother. Having diagnosed with the deadly virus, the mother was concerned about her unborn babies. However, her positive attitude and determination to battle the virus pushed her to overcome the worst possible outcome.

According to People, the woman from Houston was 28-weeks pregnant with triplets when she heard the devastating news. The mother was on her scheduled check-up at the Women's Hospital of Texas on 8 May 2020. She did not anticipate anything unusual but fate had an unpleasant surprise waiting for her. The woman underwent a routine virus test due to the ongoing pandemic and 48 hours before Mother's Day learned she was now one of the many victims of the virus. However, Maggie was not worried about herself, according to the Hospital's Facebook post.


The selfless woman was worried about her unborn kids, her husband, and even the medical staff that cared for her. "Maggie’s main concern was everyone but herself," said hospital representatives, according to People. "She worried about the health of the triplets, her husband and their 5-year-old son, as well as the nurses and physicians caring for her," added the source.

Meanwhile, the virus had not spared her husband. He too was tested positive and the couple now had to spend time away from each other. 

She was soon admitted to the hospital and the woman stayed alone in the medical facility for weeks. She fought to overcome the virus and after five tests, the stars slowly aligning in her favor. Out of the five tests conducted, two of them came back negative and the mother was happy. However, more complications followed.


On 4 June 2020, Maggie was informed that "Baby A’s cord was wrapped around her neck." The doctors told her that she would have to undergo a C-section to deliver the babies that very day. She was all alone in the hospital and could only rely on the nurses who looked after her to support her. Her helpless family gave her words of encouragement and strength virtually.

The hospital representative said, "Maggie remembers that at exactly 3:59 pm, her father called to pray with her, and when it was time for her epidural, a nurse hugged her tightly until it was complete."

The prayers of everyone came true and Maggie had a safe delivery. Her triplets Isabella, Nathaniel, and Adriel were all born just two minutes apart at 32 weeks through a C-section. They were all "healthy, safe, and undeniably resilient," according to People.

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Everyone at the hospital was taken aback by the exceptional strength displayed by Maggie. They could not imagine how something going through so much in such a short period could stay strong at all times. "Everyone was amazed by how well Maggie did," said the source, according to People. While Maggie was allowed to go back home, she had to leave the babies back at the hospital. The babies are one month old and are growing bigger and healthier at the Level II ICU. 

Being away from her newborns is definitely hard for the mother but Maggie knows it is for their ultimate good. She also believes in the staff at the hospital and knows they will take great care of her little ones in her absence.

"Maggie shared that while it is hard to not have the babies home, she’s OK because she knows they are receiving the best possible care from a specialized team dedicated to their health and keeping them safe during the pandemic," said the hospital staff. 

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Many mothers are undergoing pain and separation due to the pandemic. Fortunately, Maggie is one of the lucky ones, who can hold her babies close to her once it all comes to an end.