Mother Gives Alcohol To Her 8-Month-Old Baby Just to Keep Him Asleep While She Partied Every Night

Mother Gives Alcohol To Her 8-Month-Old Baby Just to Keep Him Asleep While She Partied Every Night

The stepfather of the child knew what his wife was doing but did not bother to correct her.

We often believe mothers are their children's guardian angels and think that there is no place safer for a child than their mother's arms. However, some incidents prove it all wrong. One such horrific tale was reported from Russia. Her actions are heartbreaking and no one would imagine a mother doing it to her own child. 

According to Daily Mail, Nadezhda Yarych, the mother of 8-month-old Zakhar was looking forward to enjoying a great time partying during the holiday period in her country. The woman from the town of Shebekino in western Russia's Belgorod Oblast region did not want any distraction even if it was her own child. So, the mother devised a plan without considering the wellbeing of her baby boy. The selfish woman allegedly gave her son vodka for him to sleep while she partied hard. Soon, the newborn fell sick.


Noticing her son's poor health, the mother took him to the hospital. On examining the baby, the doctor stated that the kid had developed a viral infection. The doctor further advised the woman to admit the child to the hospital. They stated it was best for the baby and it would help him recover better.

However, Nadezhda was not convinced. She refused the proposal and said she was taking her son home to treat him at home. The mother took her son home but eventually returned many times with her sick son. She came back four times within the same week and each time the doctors gave her the same advice. 

The doctors kept urging her to admit the baby but the woman declined. She was adamant about her idea of treating and caring for him at home. However, the actual reason behind her decision was her love for parties.

Sources close to the woman said she did not want to spend her days at the hospital while her town was celebrating and enjoying. She wanted to enjoy herself and was not going to miss that chance because of her sick child. So, the woman chose herself over her child's health.


In spite of his poor health, Nadezhda kept giving her son alcohol repeatedly over a week to continue her parties without having him to disturb her. Moreover, her refusal to admit the baby to the hospital made things worse. As days went by, the little boy's health deteriorated. Soon, the dose of alcohol, along with the infection contributed to the death of Zakhar on 5th January 2019. The postmortem revealed that the kid died due to the viral infection.

Eventually, an investigation on the baby's death was carried out and the mother was questioned. The investigations proved that the mother along with her husband, Mikhail Yarych, who was also the stepfather of the baby knew his wife's doings. He knew the baby was poisoned with a certain dose of alcohol. Despite knowing it all, the man did not intervene and stop his wife from giving the child alcohol, according to the Mirror. Nor did he do anything to save the child's life.


The incident highlights the importance to give heed to your child's health. Moreover, it shows how alcohol can be fatal for a child or a baby. According to the Poison Control Center, alcohol is a "dangerous poison" for children.

One of the main reasons for this is its ability to lower blood sugar levels in children. This can lead to seizures and coma as it stops the brain from getting the right amount of glucose for it to function properly. In adults, alcohol does not have the same effect and so it is not life-threatening.

However, it is impossible to tell how much alcohol is dangerous for children. The amounts usually vary depending on the age and weight of the child. It is important to remember that even small amounts of alcohol can harm the lives of your children. In extreme cases, it can take the lives of your children.