7 Sarcastic Comebacks For Mean People That Will Make Them Regret Their Harsh Words

7 Sarcastic Comebacks For Mean People That Will Make Them Regret Their Harsh Words

When they try to disrespect you or think that you will fall for their hurtful words, here's how you put them in place.

The only way some people think they can look big is by making others look small. And that's when they tell you mean things that are totally uncalled for. Nothing feels better than giving them a taste of their own medicine, but without having to stoop down to their level. It shows them how you can't be taken for a ride and they will definitely think twice the next time they think they can disrespect you when you hit them with one of these comebacks.

1. "I can always fix my looks. How will you ever fix your personality?"

First of all, anyone who thinks that looks define you certainly doesn't know the integrity you carry yourself with. When someone wants to throw you off guard but have nothing else to point out, they might start nitpicking your appearance or your wardrobe. But even you know that a person's style can always be changed; what's tougher to change is a bad attitude and saying this will put the person in their place.

2. "Great advice, but I don't think I asked for your opinion."

Some people like to poke their nose into everything that isn't their business and offer their negative opinion about it. All that they might want to do is show that they are better than everyone else by offering their so-called advice even when you haven't asked for it. Most of the time, when people are insecure, they try to hide behind a fake sense of supremacy. "People high in inferiority like to show what high standards they have," wrote professor and author, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, for Psychology Today.

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3. "You're wasting my time."

People who are mean would want to feel like they have control over you by saying hurtful things. But when you say this, it will shows them that you have far more important things to deal with in life. Their pettiness is not on your list of priorities to deal with and when you brush their negative comments aside this way, it gives them the message loud and clear.

4. "Do you ever have anything nice to say?"

By exposing them this way, you are instantly pricking their conscience. It takes the focus off of you and shifts to them, showing them how they are always failing to see the bright side in every situation. And the next time, there will be a voice inside their head that says, "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all". While you get your peace of mind, they learn a lesson; technically, everybody wins.

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5. "That was so ignorant, it's not even worth a comeback."

Toxic people like to suck you into their cycle of negativity. To feed their fragile ego, they are ready to say the most demeaning things. But when they see how you openly say that their hurtful words are absolutely not worth your time and effort, it instantly shows them how they have no power over you and that they should stop trying their tricks on you. 

6. "Thanks."

People who don't have your best interests in mind will always use mean comments to get a reaction out of you. But when you say "thanks" and move on, it shuts them down right there. They thought they could trigger some kind of emotion like anger, guilt, or misery by saying what they said. But in turn, they end up feeling those emotions and you put them in the tough spot that they hoped they could put you in.

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7. *Silence* 

Nothing gets on someone's nerves more than seeing how you are totally unfazed and unaffected by their hurtful comments. When you have a strong conviction to show that you're unaffected by their words, it shows how you won't fall for their trap. Ignoring their words gives them the message, "I don't value your opinion enough to justify it with a response," as pointed out by Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, who wrote for Inc.