Sarah Jessica Parker Opens Up About Being A Mother Of 3 And How It Is "Painful And Exhilarating"

Sarah Jessica Parker Opens Up About Being A Mother Of 3 And How It Is "Painful And Exhilarating"

Apart from being a successful actress, she is also a great mother and wife. While SJP loves her three children, she also admits the difficulties behind raising her kids.

Being a mother is a joyful responsibility that most women look forward to. While it is may be extremely rewarding, it comes with its own challenges and struggles. It's no doubt when some refer to motherhood as one of the most difficult careers in the world. But the irony of it is that women enjoy being part of this difficult journey and is ready to do anything for the little ones they love more than themselves. This universal truth is no different for movie stars. Sarah Jessica Parker, the Sex and the City star is a great example.


While she mesmerized us with her fashionable looks and dating tales on screen, in real life, Sarah is like any other parent worried about the wellbeing of her beautiful kids. Not only did she open up about her experience of being a mother but she put forward some harsh truths about parenting.

Sarah who is the mother of 16-year-old James and 10-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion Loretta says that being a parent involves worrying about your children. "You're in a constant state of worrying about your children … It's very painful and it's exhilarating. It's a really interesting way of living in the world. I read books differently, or I look at parents and children on the subway differently. I hear music differently or when I see something, I think, ‘I wish Tabitha and Loretta were with me now and they could see this.’ That's the good part," said Sarah quoted InStyle.

The fashionable actress did not shy away from opening up about the struggles of parenting. Instead of sugar coating motherhood, Sarah stuck to her truth. "It's not for everybody—there's a lot that's really hard. It's exhausting and you're basically just cleaning up after people all day. You're one big, good, old-fashioned secretary. All I do is organize peoples' lives and get them here and there and all that. It's what I wanted and with that, though, comes witnessing somebody hopefully develop into a really interesting, decent person who contributes something," said Sarah quoted InStyle.


But no one can deny that she loves her incredible journey with her children and celebrates every moment with them. According to Today, Sarah dedicated Instagram posts to her daughters who celebrated their birthday's this month. The actress who shared a photo of her daughters wrote, "Today you are 10. And I could spend hours remembering all the moments between your arrival and today. Happy birthday you decaders! I love you.” She also took the opportunity to share a slide show of images of her daughters over the years. 

She wrote how her daughters changed the life of her and her husband's forever. "Sisters. You turned our lives inside out and upside down, filled and continue to fill all the remaining space with endless surprises, romance, sentimentality, art and a bounty of a sort of love we didn't even know we were missing," wrote Sarah quoted Today.

Sarah who is married to Matthew Broderick went on to say how they could never imagine their lives without their dearest daughters. "We wouldn't want to imagine our world without you. Happy birthday dearest and darling daughters. We love you so."


The actress who has been married for over 22 years also has one of the most enduring marriages in Hollywood. In the past, she has opened up about their marriage. In an interview, she told how they keep their romance alive in spite of having parenting responsibilities and a busy career. "We found ourselves alone. We went away, but we didn’t realize it. We didn’t plan it; it just happened. Because our son was away on a trip, and our daughters were otherwise engaged. We ended up alone, and it was so amazing. It was really fun," said Sarah quoted Little Things website.


She also spoke about how their relationship has low and high points. Though it may seem difficult at times, she believes that their commitment and love overrides every adversary. "I’m sure I annoy him. He annoys me sometimes. I’m enormously proud of the person he is. I think the longer you can last, the more invested you just are," said Sarah quoted Little Things. The phenomenal actress who charmed us with her smile celebrates her life with her husband and her three loving children.