Sandra Bullock Is Reportedly Married To Her Boyfriend Bryan Randall In A Secret Ceremony

Sandra Bullock Is Reportedly Married To Her Boyfriend Bryan Randall In A Secret Ceremony

Sandy B's friends are reportedly ready to "swear" that they are secretly wedded.

The sweetheart of Hollywood is reportedly married and we can't help rejoice that the year has started with such great news.  While her fans and admirers were going gaga over her family moments with boyfriend Bryan Randall, no one was sure if she was considering to take the relationship to the next level. 

However, if the latest report on Closer Weekly is to be believed, the Academy Award-winning actress has tied the knot with photographer Bryan Randall in a private ceremony. By private we mean super-private—just the two of them and their kids.



“Sandra and Bryan should just get married already. That’s if they haven’t already,” the insider exclusively reveals to Closer. “Friends of the couple say Bryan won’t take off his wedding band because in his eyes he’s committed to the woman he loves. And he sees himself as married to Sandra.”

Fans were waiting for Randall to propose marriage to Bullock in the most romantic way, but the source says the couple has gone way past proposal and has tied the knot.  “Some friends swear that Sandra and Bryan have already secretly wed, with just them and the kids present,” the source explains. “That’s the rumor anyway and Bryan doesn’t do anything to try and dispel it.”



However, Bullock, who has been through much due to media scrutiny does not want any of those "hazards;" therefore, she has decided to keep their milestone a top-secret. The source says “she’s been down that road and knows full well of the hazards,” and now “Sandra doesn’t want the scrutiny.” 

Bullock who shares two adopted kids—Louis and Laila—with Randall has had her fair share of heartbreaks. But the 54-year-old photographer, reportedly, is not like her exes. “Of course Bryan is nothing like her ex, Jesse James, but she’s not ready to share her relationship status with the world, or many friends for that matter,” the source continues. “Sandra is happy, Bryan is her man, and she and the kids adore him. That’s all that matters to her.”



Earlier, Closer Weekly had revealed that the Bird Box actress feels committed and settled down even without getting married to Randall but does not want to open up about their on-going romance. “Sandra and Bryan keep everyone guessing about their status as a couple — are they planning a wedding or have they already secretly wed?” the source explained at the time. “Well, don’t hold your breath. They’re not saying.”

Well, what matters is that the two of them are happy, irrespective of whether they have made it official or not. “In their eyes, and their kids’ minds, they’re parents and they’re as settled down as any couple they know.”



While we will wait for an official announcement from the couple,  we are elated and happy for this strong, gorgeous woman and wish her and her family all the love and happiness in life!




Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.