Sandra Bullock Hid Her Tears Because She Wanted To Stay Strong For Dying Mom | But Her Mom Saw Right Through Her

Sandra Bullock Hid Her Tears Because She Wanted To Stay Strong For Dying Mom | But Her Mom Saw Right Through Her

Sandra Bullock's mother taught her to be real about her emotions just before dying.

The passing away of your loving parent is painful and it can never be put to words. No matter how strong you are, just the memories of your amazing childhood with your parent will bring tears to your eyes. Sandra Bullock went through a similar situation when she sat by her mother on her death bed.

Bullock's mother, Helga Mathilde Meyer died of cancer in 2000. She was a German-born opera singer. Recalling the moments before her death, Sandra revealed she tried to hide her true emotions from her mother, who was going through intense agony. However, watching her daughter suppress herself, Meyer gave her one last advice before leaving her forever.


“Before my mom passed away, we had a moment at her bedside where I was shut down and trying not to cry, and she simply said, ‘Don’t be like me,’” recalled Bullock, according to People. The actress, known for her stoic persona, realized it was alright to show one's feelings. From that day, she began exercising her mom's advice. “In that moment a lot of our lifetime together had been explained. She didn’t want me to go through life shut down, afraid of feeling. Well, life has made sure I feel everything now, and I’m not ashamed to admit it anymore," said the mother of two, according to People. 

Though the death of her mother broke her heart, she was grateful for the lesson her mother taught her right before her passing. However, coming to terms with her death was not easy. She struggled with her emotions and could not accept the harsh reality in front of her. "It took me two years to accept that she's not here. It doesn't get easier, it just gets harder. But it's a good thing because I feel it and I value it and I am not rushing through life," said The Proposal actress.


Though her mother is not with her physically, her words of advice and warning still echo in Sandra's mind. Speaking to People, Bullock revealed she was afraid to have a daughter. She explained that the fear stemmed from her mother.

Apparently, the actress was not an easygoing child and her mother often scared her with the thought of having a daughter with her characteristics.  “My mother always said, ‘You just wait till you have a daughter'. And the thought that a daughter of mine would be anything like I was scared me senseless," said the Oscar-winning actress to People.


Being a mother to her daughter, Laila, Bullock says if her daughter ever acts like her it would be her mother's doing. “If Laila gave me what I gave, I’ll know it was all Helga B.’s doing and she is laughing her ass off. I am fully prepared for that ride," said the actress.  

However, it seems like Bullock is doing a great job raising her daughter and the son, the way her mother raised her. The brilliant actress is doing an excellent job, balancing her professional and personal life.


Apart from using her mother's advice, the actress is also motivated to help others suffering from cancer after the illness took away her mum. "I love to do things that continue what she started, whether it's making candles or creating a place for women going through chemotherapy to spend time with their families," said the 56-year-old, according to contactmusic.com

"I just talk and do and move until I find out why I'm supposed to be here. And it's not to be an actress, I tell you that. It's to make people laugh, yes, but maybe it's to make people laugh to make the money to be able to make something. It's a circle, but I'll keep moving until I find it," continued the actress.