Sam Elliot And Katharine Ross' Enduring Love Has Lasted More Than 35 Years Because They "Work At Being Together"

Sam Elliot And Katharine Ross' Enduring Love Has Lasted More Than 35 Years Because They "Work At Being Together"

They are one of the most low-key couples of Hollywood but they never fail to inspire people with their dedication towards one another.

Doesn't it leave a warm feeling in your heart when you see a couple that's been together for decades still head-over-heels in love with each other? While we appreciate their togetherness, more often than not, we overlook what it took for them to reach a point where the two people became one.

Many-a-time the glitz and glamour of Hollywood shadows the real gems. The love story of Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross is a gem that has forever remained hidden but its luster could brighten your soul. The couple is going strong from the last 35 years and they have worked to be each other's 'forever.'


However, they have chosen to maintain a low-profile and not gush about their strong bond and their dedication towards their relationship. Katharine found true love in life after a few failed relationships so, presumably, she would have wanted to have a genuine love away from all the Hollywood humdrum.

The couple first met on the sets of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, reports Epoch Times, but they never really spoke to each other. “All I could do was just watch Katharine come and go. We didn’t interact at all. I saw her a lot because I knew who she was, and I was just another guy on the lot at that point and time,” Sam said.


A decade later, in 1978, Sam met Katharine again in the horror movie The Legacy as the two actors starred as a couple. After six years, the actors decided to accept each other as their own. Fast forward, the couple is now together for 35 years and have a daughter. Away from the prying eyes of the media or the blazing spotlight, the veteran actors have built a formidable relationship. This could strengthen our faith in quiet love!

Sam revealed what goes on to make a relationship as inspiring as theirs. According to the actor, for a marriage to stand the test of time, it requires work—a couple needs to face the problem and work through it together. “We have a common sensibility, but we also work at being together,” he said. “That’s how relationships last.”


However, Katharine once confessed that being in the limelight, couples could have a "sort of a roller coaster ride.” But she did admit that working together does help foster their relationship. “Sometimes that’s easier than real life,” Katharine said. “You’re [sic] got a script. You’ve got a part. You’ve got your creative juices flowing together. It’s not about the dirty dishes in the sink or whether you’ve picked something up at the laundry.”

Given the nature of their jobs, one could understand how sometimes the dedication just wouldn't seem sufficient but Sam mentioned that when you love your partner and want to be with her putting extra effort comes naturally to you. He said, “What makes a marriage work is a mutual love and a mutual respect. There are peaks and valleys like everything else, but you have to push on.”

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Not just partners in their personal lives, they also love working with each other on projects. “We fantasize about working together all the time,” Sam had said. Speaking to NewsOK.com, he said, “Working with Katharine is incredible for me. It’s always been. I think our time on ‘Conagher’ was one of the highlights of my career.”

As they inch towards their forever we wish them love, laughter, and a lifetime of togetherness! That is how love is supposed to be, isn't it? When you love someone you also accept them whole-heartedly, and enjoy spending time with them despite the effort that's required to make the relationship work.