7 Signs You're A Strong Woman With A Fiercely Gentle Heart

7 Signs You're A Strong Woman With A Fiercely Gentle Heart

Even on the toughest days, you will still put a smile on your face and power through because you know there's no problem that's too big for you.

People think that you should never feel pain to be emotionally strong. But the truth is that being empathetic and understanding of what pain can do to you makes you better able to deal with things. What makes you a strong woman is the fact that you're not afraid to be vulnerable because you want to keep it real. Here's why strong woman carry within themselves a soft heart.

1. You're a sensitive soul and that's your biggest strength

Even when the entire world says it's a problem that can't be fixed, you still won't give up when you know that someone's wellbeing is on the line. While you may feel sad or even break down when you experience something heartbreaking, you then pick yourself up or the other person up with you. You refuse to give up and you try to find a way out, beating the odds for yourself or the person in need.

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2. You give others attention more than you give yourself

You connect with people in such a way that they feel comfortable sharing with you the things they can't share with anyone else. And when they need help, you show up for them without any hesitation. You are willing to put your needs on hold to bring good cheer into the lives of others. You do everything that you can to wipe their tears away, put a smile on their face, and work out their problems.

3. You're the only one who'll be honest and tell people what they need to hear

When you see someone struggle, you don't watch them from afar and think there's nothing you can do. You tell them exactly what they need to hear no matter how brutally honest you have to be. You genuinely want to see them grow; you know that caring for someone doesn't mean you let them fulfill any whim or fancy they have. While everyone else might agree with what they say, you will be that one person who isn't afraid to say it like it is.

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4. You hide your feelings from others and laugh through it all

Being everything for everyone can take a toll on you, but you never complain even once. Even when you're having a bad day, you will never let others know. Sometimes, they see you smiling and laughing, but they never see that there are days where you feel heartbroken and a little helpless. But sometimes it's okay to lean on others and they can help you get through what you're dealing with.

5. You absorb the pain of others and let them lean on you

The one thing you can't stand is seeing someone feel miserable. You instantly become the patient listener or the shoulder that they can lean on. You have a vibrant energy that is contagious and when they are beside you, your positivity rubs off on them. You soak up the pain of others through your kindness and compassion. When life gets hard, you make it easier for them just by being there and being you.


6 You don't let people push you or your loved ones around

You may be kind and compassionate, but you know where to draw the line. You are resilient and strong-willed, and you don't let people take you for a ride. You will always be kind-hearted to people, but you don't let people take you for granted. If people drag you down, you raise your voice and call them out for what they're doing. And you don't stand by when you see it happening to others; you speak for them, too.

7. You never give up even on your toughest days

Being emotionally strong doesn't mean that you don't feel heartbreak. But even when your world seems to be falling apart, you know that there's no problem too big for you. You give yourself time, you allow yourself to understand the pain, and you cope with what's happening. You stand up for yourself and won't let others force you to do something you don't believe in. You learn from your mistakes, you might even silently fight against your troubles, but you will keep moving forward and you take your loved ones along with you.

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