7 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Never Tolerates BS | You Leave The Moment You Feel Disrespected

7 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Never Tolerates BS | You Leave The Moment You Feel Disrespected

Neither do you beg for attention, nor do you stay in the same place that you feel unwanted. You'd rather be around those people who give you value.

Change is scary. But even as you wonder how you'll get through it, you know that it's something you need to do for your own good. When you don't feel like you're being heard or seen or taken seriously in any relationship, you know you're better off ending the relationship rather than have your self-respect be torn apart. A strong woman will never tolerate bullshit because of this.

1. You don't want to stand by someone who makes you feel unwanted

There's a beautiful, confident woman inside you and she's waiting to be appreciated. That's why you'd rather make opportunities for those people to walk into your life than wait around for the ones who can't show kindness or care. "...Other people can limit your potential if you let them... and you won't let criticism or rejection stop you," wrote Amy Morin, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and expert on mental strength, for Psychology Today. You don't stick around with people who hold you back because you know you don't need them to do what you want or be who you want.

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2. You neither beg for attention and nor do you have the patience to please others

You're not the kind who easily quits, but you also know when it's time to stop trying. When you see that you've done everything you possibly can to salvage a relationship, you know when to stop. You won't beg for someone's attention because you know your happiness doesn't lie in their approval. You're also not the kind of person who's going to wait around and be a people-pleaser. You've grown stronger and you're brave enough to call people out when they try to walk all over you.

3. You'd rather have a small circle where you can be yourself than a big one where you pretend

Although you learned it the hard way, you have understood that nothing is worth forcing yourself to be someone you're not comfortable around. The woman you were 10 or 15 years ago may have thought that she needed to be popular or needed large groups of friends to be happy. But eventually, you realized you were just pretending to be someone you weren't. Along the way, you left several people behind because you chose to remain with the select few who truly cared about you.

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4. You're tired of having the same fights with someone who doesn't care to change

While some things are worth fighting for, a relationship where you don't feel valued is not. It can feel emotionally draining when you have the same fights over and over again, especially with your partner. And when you see that they don't bother to listen, to pay attention to your needs, or don't care enough to change, you know it's a waste of your time. Staying in a relationship where you're feelings are not heard isn't an option you're going to put up with.  

5. You're done carrying the weight of the relationship and deserve better

When you "carry the weight of the relationship, do most of the emotional work and constantly have to find new and novel things to do to keep the relationship alive,” as psychologist and meditator, Kristin Davin said, according to HuffPost, it can leave you feeling exhausted. You're sick of feeling frustrated and you refuse to let someone make you feel like you're not enough. You're ready to walk out of the relationship that no longer nurtures you and find the ones where you get what you know you deserve. 

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6. You've been far too kind to others for so long but you know it's time to put yourself first

"They over-give," Therapist Perpetua Neo, told Business Insider, about strong, high-achieving women. "And when they over-give they find it very hard to say no." For so long, you may have struggled to speak up for yourself, but now you're done putting your needs on hold for the sake of others. You know it's time to put yourself first and if it means cutting out certain people from your life who do you no good anyway, you're perfectly fine with that. You've decided it's your turn to show yourself some love.