4 Reasons For Low Libido That Have Nothing to Do With Your Physical Ability

4 Reasons For Low Libido That Have Nothing to Do With Your Physical Ability

Low libido or reduced sexual interest is not just the outcome of physical health conditions but also psychological conditions that we tend to ignore.

Our sexual desires can naturally fluctuate over the years. Just like relationships, sexual vitality can also ebb and flow. While for some it is low energy levels, for others it can be psychological. Well, what if it has nothing to do with your physical body at all? It is possible to be completely healthy and still suffer from low performance in the bedroom. While sometimes it is caused due to medical reasons, it can also be due to various emotional and psychological problems faced by the partners.

Here are a few reasons why you might be struggling with low sex drive.

1. Depression 

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Depression can change everything you know about a person. According to Healthline, people suffering from depression show a lack of interest or reduced interest in everything including sex. The state of mind it leaves you in can rob you of all pleasures in life, and that also includes sex. Psychology Today says that the biggest cause of a reduced sexual desire may be depression.

Anti-depressant medication taken by people can also be a major reason for low libido. Medications like Prozac and Zoloft, among other similar drugs, contain chemicals like fluoxetine and sertraline that can affect your sex drive.

2. Low self-esteem 

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Sometimes women and men don't feel sexy enough after a certain age. They tend to look down upon themselves and this is never good, especially when it comes to sex. Low-self esteem, lack of confidence and poor body image issues can break you emotionally and mentally. If you begin to feel like you're no longer in good shape and are not sexually attractive.

Low-self esteem can also make you anxious about sex which leads to reduced interest in sexual activity. Once you've identified this as the problem and have been unable to change it, it may result in bigger mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol abuse, all of which contribute to low libido.

3. Your relationship is not well 

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Sometimes couples struggle from low libido due to the problems in their relationship. It could be due to an unaddressed topic that upsets both of you or the lack of communication about sex. Families are also seen to suffer from this problem due to the lack of support they have while parenting and carrying out housework. The partners may not be able to find time for each other or might have their heads buried in bigger issues in the house.

Low libido is also observed if you do not share a happy relationship with your partner. If you have any hard feelings against your partner, you may have reduced or no sexual desires.

4. Stress 

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As we progress in age, the burden of responsibilities only tends to grow as your family and/or job profile grows bigger. After a long day of work, all we want to do is go straight to bed. Therefore, when you are distracted with too many things or if you are put in situations of high pressure, you might observe a decrease in sexual interest. Stress levels can bring down your hormone levels and can also narrow do your arteries causing restricted blood flow. This can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

Stress management exercises such as breathing exercises, meditation can help reduce stress and help improve your sexual interest.