5 Real-Life Stories That Will Make You Believe That True Love Exists In This World

5 Real-Life Stories That Will Make You Believe That True Love Exists In This World

It is common for people to lose their faith in the concept of love. Here are some stories that will restore your lost faith in romance and fairy tale love stories.

Repeated heartbreaks and bad experiences with finding love often inspire us to deny the existence of true love. We completely lose hope that we start to dislike the concept of love itself. A lot of us just decide that we don't want to find a partner, despite feeling the want for one. It is one thing to not want a partner, but to give up just because we don't think we can ever find one is just frustrating and sad.
Here are some real-life experiences that will reinforce your faith that there is still hope to find "the one":

1. Stan held on to his wife, Phyllis Feener even when she suffered from dementia


Stan and Phyllis's love blossomed for over 34 years. When 58-year-old Phyllis (in 2018) got diagnosed with dementia, Stan stood by her as the strongest pillar of support. Unable to see his wife suffer alone, the loving husband gave up his job and became her full-time carer. A picture of Phyllis sleeping in the arms of her husband was posted by their daughter. It stated, "My parents have been married for 34 years. My mom is in the final stages of young onset dementia (diagnosed 5 years ago at 53). My dad cares for her full-time. She doesn’t always remember his name but she knows she is safe with him. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is." When Stan was told of their picture becoming viral, the simple husband said, "I don't know anything about Twitter. I just love my wife." However, in 2018, Stan was forced to bid farewell to his wife forever.

2. Jim Richardson and Irene renewed their wedding vows 75 years later

Jim Richardson, 95 and his wife, Irene, 94(as of 2019) returned to the same chapel where they got married to renew their wedding vows in front of their children, grandchildren, and friends. The elderly couple met during World War II and is known to have the longest marriage in Lancashire. "I would do it all again. I’m proud of every member of my family," said Jim. "You can always go to one another with your troubles. It has been a lovely life," said his beloved wife, according to Metro. They got married in 1944 when Jim was 20 and Irene was just 19. Since then, they have been hand in hand. 

3. Kris Scharoun and Paul DeForge, a couple with down syndrome who fell in love beyond disapproval from many


Many did not believe that it was possible for two individuals with down syndrome to fall in love and live a happily married life. Kris and Paul proved them all wrong. Despite all odds, they have managed to have the longest marriage where both have Down syndrome. However, as the years went by, they faced health complications. Kris suffered from type 1 diabetes while Paul was diagnosed with dementia, according to Today. They were forced to move to two different care homes but that did not hinder their love for each other. On their 25th anniversary, the couple renewed their wedding vows.

4. Brayden Faganello waited patiently for his wife, Laura Hart  to fall in love with him again after she lost her memory


Brayden Faganello from South Africa married his lady love, Laura Hart from Belgium in 2016 after meeting each other as penpals. The couple was all set to start their married life but their lives turned upside down. Nine months into their wedding, Laura met with an accident. The accident changed their life. Laura woke up in the hospital thinking she was 17, according to Times Colonist. The woman had no memory of her marriage. Brayden was heartbroken when he learned he was just a stranger to his wife. But he was determined to make her fall in love again. So he befriended his wife through his small gestures. Eventually, Laura asked him on a date. She told him that she wanted to know him. Soon after, the couple fell in love all over again. Brayden took Laura to three locations significant to their past and proposed to her. And that was the beginning of their next chapter. "I’ve learned love is not something you get once and you can just bank on it. It’s something you need to persist at and work at every day. I chose to work at it and she chose to love me again. Love is a choice, but it needs to be nurtured," said Brayden. 

5. Will and Judy Webb died holding hands beside each other, after 56 years of marriage


Will and Judy were childhood friends who did not expect their lives to intersect. They fell in love when Will was miles away, serving in the army. After getting married in 1963, they raised a family together and enjoyed every day with each other. "They always had their arms on each other. If she was away five minutes, he would say, 'Where's mama, have you seen mama?'" stated their daughter, Lori Thomas, according to Fox2. They were truly in love. But tragedy struck their life after Judy started enduring health issues. The news of his wife's illness was hard to handle and Will collapsed.

The two were admitted to the hospital and for the first time, both of them were kept away from each other. Knowing that their parents hated time apart, their children made arrangements for them to be next to each other. They were excited to see each other despite their deteriorating health. Moments later, hand in hand they breathed their last breath. "They were holding hands and when my dad took his last breath, my mom went like this rubbing his hand. She wasn't responding but she knew he died, so she rubbed his hand like 'I'll be there soon' - and she was," said the daughter.