4 Real-Life Miracle Stories That Prove The Power Of Prayers And Restores Our Faith In God

4 Real-Life Miracle Stories That Prove The Power Of Prayers And Restores Our Faith In God

He is listening to us, even when we think we are alone and helpless.

An honest prayer from the heart will never go unanswered. When we submit our fears and insecurities, surrender to God, and pray with faith, He will show us the way. Though it might feel like it is taking a while, we should always remember that strong faith and consistent communication with God will not be in vain.

Even in our worst circumstances, even though we may not feel so, God is with us at every step. Many around us are testimonies of this love and here are some stories that will restore our faith in prayer.

1. Mother prayed for her dying baby

Tara Geraghty, a mother from New Jersey, was devastated when her then three-year-old daughter Emily Grace began to breathe abnormally. She long knew something was not right with her baby but her medical tests did not show reveal any underlying conditions. When she rushed Emily to the emergency room, the doctors told the mother they were surprised that the baby was still breathing. They added that her baby would have died if she had been admitted to the emergency on time. Hearing that, Tara told the medical experts that it must be a sign that God wasn't going to take her child away from her. Soon, Tara was informed that her child was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Tara and her family were heartbroken. She sat by her child for the next 78 days and prayed for the healing of her dear daughter.


"I prayed for her like I have never prayed before. She was on every prayer list you could imagine," said Tara, according to the Readers Digest. She believed in God, and her prayers were answered. Tara's daughter was healed completely, and the proud mother knows it was the doing of God. "I call her my 'miracle kid' because that's what she is," said the mother.

2. A newborn miraculously rescued 

Lily Groesbeck was rescued miraculously after she was trapped in a submerged car for hours. According to ABC News, the policeman who came to recuse the then 18-month-old child stated that he heard someone calling for help. "It felt like I could hear somebody telling me, 'I need help.' It was very surreal," said the officer, according to the news outlet. "We've gotten together and just talkin' about it, and all four of us can swear that we heard somebody inside the car saying, 'Help,'" said Officer Jared Warner to KSL.




"We're not exactly sure where that voice came from." Though the officers reached the accident spot hours after it had occurred, the little girl had survived. She was unconscious and managed to stay alive for 14 hours in freezing temperatures without food or water. Meanwhile, her mother did not survive the crash. And there was absolutely no one in the waters or around to have really cried for help. The child was too young to speak. The voice, they believe, was a divine help that saved the child in time.

3. Mother healed from paralysis




Lisa Hutchison from Massachusetts was devastated when her mother suffered a severe stroke. It paralyzed her right side and was left to spend many months at the hospital. However, Lisa told her mother to do one thing constantly and that was to pray. She gave a card with an angel to her mother and told her to keep praying. She put it on the wall in such a way her mother could see it every time she looked. She reminded her of "miracles." As per her daughter's advice, the mother prayed from her heart. She thanked God for keeping her alive and believed she could one day move her right side. She rubbed her right hand and thumb every single day and looked forward to the miracle. Finally, after four months her thumb moved, and she slowly began to heal.

4. A mother came back to life

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro gave birth to her baby boy through a C section, according to ABC News. However, the mother could not make it out alive. The medical experts tried to revive her, but there was no luck. After trying for long, the doctors realized it was time to let her family know that she was no more. However, the most unexpected thing happened. Her heart started beating again. She recovered and went home with her baby, and the family feels blessed every single day.