Bride Furious After Groom Spent Most Of The Wedding Ceremony Sitting With His Mom Leaving Her Alone | “I Barely Saw Him”

Bride Furious After Groom Spent Most Of The Wedding Ceremony Sitting With His Mom Leaving Her Alone | “I Barely Saw Him”

The mother-in-law was always against their union. She thought her son could do "better."

Every bride would want to have a great time with their groom at their wedding. One woman wanted the same from her groom but unfortunately, he left her to share most of their wedding reception with his mother. She took to Reddit to narrate the story. 

She told the readers that she had been dating her partner since they were teenagers. His mother never approved of their relationship and had even tried to break them up as teens.

"We were high school sweethearts and met at 14. We dated for 6 years before getting married and it was clear that he’s always been extremely close with his mother. She’s always been trying to convince him that we shouldn’t be together. Even when we were teens she was trying to break up," wrote the bride.

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She further went on to say her mother-in-law was shocked when the couple announced their engagement. She told her son he could do "better." "When we first announced our engagement she freaked out. She told him 'you wont have a future with her. You’re too young, you don't know what you’re doing,'" wrote the bride. 

Despite her disapproval, the couple decided to tie the knot. On the day of the wedding reception, the bride was left furious by the actions of her groom. Throughout the ceremony, he sat with his mother.

"The entire night, my soon to be husband sat at a table with his mom. I let it go because I didn’t want to have a fight at our wedding. We still did traditional things like sharing vows, taking pictures, cutting the cake, etc," wrote the bride. 

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She added, "But besides those moments it was like I barely saw him." To make matters worse, the groom gave the first slice of cake to his mother, instead of his wife.

"When it came to cut the cake, he took the first slice over to his mother. I was upset because the first slice should go to the people actually getting married but again, I let it slide. I spent my wedding at a table with my best friend and my 14yo brother in law," wrote the bride. 

After the reception got over, the couple went home where they ended up in a fight over storing the leftover wedding cake. Eventually, the bride locked the man outside the bedroom.

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"I started asking him to wrap the cake and we got into a huge fight about if it was fine or not. I felt just done with the whole day, went into our room and locked the door. I was so mad I eventually ended up falling asleep, and he slept on the couch on our wedding night. I didn’t mean to fall asleep I just wanted some space for a bit," wrote the bride. 

The bride stated that they have been fighting on and off since the incident. She also claimed that her mother-in-law called her a bridezilla. Reddit users were quick to respond to the story. Many spoke of their own experiences and said it was better to break off from the relationship.

"Get out of this relationship. Speaking from experience, this doesn’t get better. And he won’t change," wrote one. Another stated, "Yes! I was married to a guy who couldn’t cut the umbilical cord to his mom. It doesn’t get better, it gets worse. And anytime something like this (or more or less of an argument) happens, he will run to his mom and you will look worse in her eyes and his." 

Some opined he might change considering his young age. "The guy is still 20 so I think he has room to change. But agree with the advice that he is too immature to be married," wrote another.

In an update to the post, the bride added that it wasn't because the groom's mother was alone that he spent the wedding reception with her.

"A few people suggested that he spent the wedding with his mom because she was alone, she wasn’t. His father, his brother, his aunts and cousins were all there. She absolutely was not the only member of his family in the guest list. Regardless of how it sounds i do love him, which is why i agreed to marry him. His mother was against us because we met online," she wrote.