Queen Elizabeth Died of Broken Heart After Prince Philip’s Death, Claims Doctor | “She Sorely, Desperately Missed Him”

Queen Elizabeth Died of Broken Heart After Prince Philip’s Death, Claims Doctor | “She Sorely, Desperately Missed Him”

Reports claim that her health started deteriorating after the death of her beloved husband. She missed several public appearances and had severe mobility issues.

Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch, died on September 8, Thursday. Her death after 70 years of reign has sent the entire country of Britain and the world into mourning. A doctor believes Prince Philip's death 18 months ago may have affected Queen Elizabeth II's death at the age of 96, reports Daily Mail. The Duke of Edinburgh died on April 9, 2021, just two months before his 100th birthday, after being married for 73 years. A photograph of the queen grieving her spouse alone in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on April 17, 2021, has become a potent image of the Covid pandemic's devastation. It's also a poignant reminder of the loneliness she's had to deal with since the death of her beloved spouse.




Dr. Deb Cohen-Jones, an Australian GP, spoke to FEMAIL about what losing a loved one may do to their partner's health. She talks about if it is possible to die of a broken heart. She said, "There is no strict science around it. But it's definitely an observed phenomenon. It's more about losing your 'will' than it is about your health in some ways." She added, "From a physiological point of view, the loss of Prince Philip would have caused her severe stress, peaking her cortisol levels, and leaving her body to deal with that." While stress is commonly dismissed as a byproduct of hard work, it may have deep and catastrophic even deadly effects on the human body.




Nikki Stamp, a heart surgeon, told ABC News in 2018 that losing a spouse can start a "chain reaction" that can lead to the death of the person in mourning. She said, "What we know is that for some people the stress of losing a loved one, or any kind of stressful event in your life, does precipitate a whole bunch of reactions in the physical body as well as in your mind that can cause disease and sometimes cause someone to pass away." She added, "It's certainly something that we're discovering more and more lately."

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After Queen Elizabeth II's death, her former footman of 11 years, Paul Burrell, spoke of the royal couple's special bond. He said, "The Queen wore the trousers in public and he wore the trousers behind closed doors. She let him be master of the household so he ran all the palaces and he ran the royal business - he was the CEO of the firm." He added, "She sorely, desperately missed him and he's waiting for her in St George's Chapel in Windsor and she will be beside him very soon. She will go to the other side and meet her parents and her sister. There are more people on the other side than there are on this." 

There is no exact proof that the Queen died of heartbreak but her health started deteriorating after the death of her husband. The 96-year-old had mobility issues that prompted her to miss important occasions, including several of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, preferring to attend remotely or send senior royals in her stead. Last autumn, the queen spent one night in the hospital owing to an unknown ailment.




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