Princess Diana 'Would Still Be Alive' If It Wasn't For Bashir interview, Claims Friend

Princess Diana 'Would Still Be Alive' If It Wasn't For Bashir interview, Claims Friend

The woman further claimed that Martin Bashir had tried to destroy Princess Diana mentally by making her paranoid

A few days ago, Prince Harry opened up about how he felt after his mother, Princess Diana's death. Looks like he is not the only one who went down the memory lane. A friend of the Princess, Simone Simmons, has now made a sensational claim that the beloved royal would have still been alive today if she hadn't been interviewed by Martin Bashir, reported Mirror UK


Prince Harry is not the first royal to reveal shocking information about the royal family. Princess Diana's Panorama interview, which many might not remember now, sent "shockwaves through the monarchy" as she revealed details about her marriage to Prince Charles.

Simmons claims that the princess was "conned" into taking part in the explosive BBC Panorama interview in 1995 and the comments made during the exchange is what lead to her tragic end. She further pointed out that the interview's "three of us in the marriage" comment led to the princess' divorce from Prince Charles and the loss of her HRH titles before the fatal car crash.


According to reports, Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson's investigation into how Bashir and the BBC landed the Panorama interview will be published on Thursday. The inquiry looked into the claim that the journalist had forged bank statements to get Diana's brother Earl Spencer to convince her to do the interview. Simmons has apparently provided evidence to the inquiry. "There is no doubt in my mind that Diana would still be alive today if she hadn’t spoken to Bashir," she told The Sun before claiming that Diana was "excited" to do the interview because she thought that it would be used to showcase her charity work.

Simmons further claimed that Bashir, who they had later nicknamed 'The Poison Dwarf', had intentionally tried to destroy Diana's mental stability by telling her that her phones were bugged and her staff was selling stories. “He was an out and out b*****d. He destroyed her psychologically and made her paranoid — saying the royals wanted to bump her off and distrust her loyal staff and friends," she said, according to Mirror. 


Princess Diana had apparently contacted British Telecom right after about the bugged lines and had spent hours searching for microphones in plug sockets that weren't actually there. Simmons says that Diana even went on to wrongly sack her driver because she was told that he was leaking information to the press. As people wait for Lord Dyson's investigation to be published, It was reported that Bashir, who was the BBC News religion editor, left the corporation last week on health grounds and is now "seriously unwell" with Covid-19 related complications, according to Mirror.