Woman Hired Princess Diana As Her Nanny For $5 An Hour Before She Became Part Of The Royal Family

Woman Hired Princess Diana As Her Nanny For $5 An Hour Before She Became Part Of The Royal Family

Mary Robertson had no idea who Diana was when she hired her as her nanny. When she found out her identity she was surprised.

It is no secret that Princess Diana was a kind and humble soul. In fact, that's one of the reasons that made her the People's Princess. Despite being royalty and a member of one of the oldest aristocratic families in Britain, Diana was just like any commoner. The Princess lived a quiet and private life, and much like any other teenager her age, took up part-time jobs as a teenager to make some extra bucks!


Before she became the wife of Prince Charles and the Princess of the masses, 18-year-old Diana worked as a nanny for  $5 per hour. An American businesswoman, Mary Robertson who was not aware of her background employed the young shy princess as her son's nanny in 1980. 


In an interview with Inside Edition, the former boss lady opened up about the Princess and her tenure as a nanny at her residence in London. Robertson, who was in need of some help looking after her little son, had called the agency looking for a nanny. The agency informed her of a woman called Diana. Robertson immediately asked the woman to come in for an interview. She immediately fell in love with Diana just like the Millions who later did. “I just fell in love with her. She was wonderful with my child,” told Robertson in the interview. 

Robertson said that Diana not only cared for her son Patrick but also did a variety of chores around the house like loaded the laundry, picking the toys and washing the dishes. The Princess worked at Robertson's home three days a week as she worked as a nursery school teacher two other days.  


However, nothing about Diana gave away clues on her background and identity until a deposit slip Robertson found inside her pouch. “It said ‘Lady Diana Spencer’ and it was a deposit slip for Coutts and Company. And because I worked in finance, I knew that Coutts was the banker for the aristocracy and the royal family,” said Robertson. 

Though she confronted Diana on her identity, she did not talk much about it. The modest Princess just replied," Oh that?” Diana said. “Would you like me to take Patrick out for a walk now?”


“And that was the beginning and the end of it,” recalled the former boss. Diana continued working there and when her dating life with Prince Charles was all over media, she was followed by the press. “She said ‘when you leave for work this morning, you will notice there are reporters and photographers at the end of the street,'” Robertson explained. “And I said ‘who are they there for?’ [Diana] said, ‘they’re there for me.'”


Soon, Diana left her job as Patrick's nanny. The next time Robertson saw her, she was walking down the aisle with the Prince of England. 

Though Robertson thought it would be the last time she saw her, Diana kept in contact with her for over 16 years. They exchanged dozens of letters and the Princess often asked her former boss lady to visit her at the palace. "She asked for us to come and visit and I didn't read the calls to visit as little cries for help," said Robertson in the interview.


When the princess passed away in August 1997, Robertson was one among the millions who grieved. "Being at the funeral was probably the saddest, most painful hour I have ever spent in my life," said the woman, adding that she will always hold on to the memories of Diana.

Princess Diana touched millions around the globe with her humility, gentleness, and kindness. Robertson was one among them.