Princess Diana Stopped Her Car Just To Comfort A Grieving Mother In A Cemetery | "This Was The Real Diana"

Princess Diana Stopped Her Car Just To Comfort A Grieving Mother In A Cemetery | "This Was The Real Diana"

"It still gives me chills when I recall this powerful, unscripted, unplanned moment, somehow prescient," said Jerry White who was with her during her trip to Bosnia.

Princess Diana didn't have to speak her language or know where she came from. When Lady Diana saw a stranger in a cemetery, a heartbroken mother grieving for her late son, she took a pause to share in the moment of grief with her. With that interaction between two complete strangers, Diana showed how compassion knows no barriers.


Just weeks before she passed away, Diana had made a trip to Bosnia where she visited families whose lives were tormented by the Bosnian Civil War. She was accompanied by Jerry White, who still remembers the "powerful, unscripted, unplanned moment."

“The image of her in a cemetery in Sarajevo, on the last day of our three-day trip [still haunts me]. It wasn’t planned. It was never on the itinerary," Jerry White said, according to Entertainment Weekly. "But Diana told me three times, ‘I can’t get this picture of me in a cemetery out of my mind.’"

Jerry White reportedly said that he remembers Princess Diana imagining herself in a cemetery just a matter of days before she ended up in a car crash that took away her life.

"She asked me if there was a cemetery nearby, as it was something we should visit,” he said. "'Jerry, I have this feeling, this image of me in a cemetery, it’s strange.' We were running late for a final reception, and there was no room for this detour, but Princess Diana seemed adamant, mysteriously."


Even as they were running out of time, Princess Diana's instincts led them to "the former Olympic stadium that had become a massive graveyard" where people who lost their lives in the war were buried.

Jerry White said, "I watched as Diana took her place among hundreds of tombstones. It was eerie, now that I reflect on it. She walked slowly, among tombstones and even yellow rosebushes."

That's when Princess Diana came across a grieving mother who, according to a post on Instagram is Svetlana Dragon who lost her son as a soldier in the warm.


Jerry White went on to say, "She met a Bosnian mother tending to the grave of her son, grieving visibly. Diana didn’t speak Bosnian, and this mother didn’t know English. So, they just embraced. So intimately, so physical, so emotional, mother-to-mother. It was vintage Diana, reaching out, wiping the mother’s tears and cheeks."

The beloved People's Princess had once said, "Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can," according to Town & Country. And in this instance, right before her eyes was a heartbroken mother alone in a cemetery, tending to her son's grave. Princess Diana's heart instantly went out to her.

The post said, "Without speaking the same language or saying anything Diana went over and comforted the grieving woman. This was the real Diana."


Being part of a unique moment, Jerry White still has a picture of Princess Diana from that day. "It’s the only framed photograph of Diana I still have in my home. After her death in Paris only weeks later, I came to wonder whether the Princess intuited her own death, her burial," Jerry White said.

"I don’t know, but maybe, psychically, intuitively, Diana sensed she was going to die. It still gives me chills when I recall this powerful, unscripted, unplanned moment, somehow prescient."

Princess Diana connected with people for the person they were and nothing else. "Diana’s legacy has lasting relevance because she touched so many people’s lives," said Ashley Gething and Nick Kent who respectively directed and produced the documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. "Although she was the daughter of an Earl and married into the Royal Family, Princess Diana had a natural empathy that meant she connected with people irrespective of their class, creed, race, or nationality."