Princess Diana Slept On The Floor Of A Hospital After 3YO Prince Harry's Surgery Just To Be There For Her Boy

Princess Diana Slept On The Floor Of A Hospital After 3YO Prince Harry's Surgery Just To Be There For Her Boy

Princess Diana was a devoted mother, who wanted to be a hands-on parent for her boys.

Princess Diana was lovingly called the People's Princess because the common man felt connected to her more than any other royalty. Her humility and compassion made her stand out among the British royal family. She genuinely cared for people and loved the simple things in life. Even as a mother, she was different than other royal mothers.

She was so devoted that she wanted to be a hands-on parent and no one could stop her from that. She was ready to go to any lengths to be there for her kids and made sure her kids looked at life through the eyes of a commoner and not as privileged royalty.


Her actions were unusual to the royal household and even the queen and her husband, Prince Charles did not agree to her parenting style. 

When Prince Harry was just three years old, he needed hernia surgery. Instead of sending her help to look after her little boy, Diana sat by his side. She canceled her royal engagements and put her son's needs first even though the surgery was just a minor one.

According to APNews, the Buckingham Palace at the time issued a statement saying that Harry's condition was diagnosed recently and that his operation was not an emergency. 

Meanwhile, Prince Charles was on vacation in Italy. He called in from time-to-time to inquire about the situation. However, he decided against cutting his vacation short. 


But the devoted mother left her royal quarters and even refused to sleep away from her son's room. According to Dianas' friend, singer Patti Boulaye, the princess slept on the floor of the hospital room, refusing to take another room in the hospital for her to rest.

The determined mother stayed at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital the entire time Harry was treated. After the surgery, Harry was taken home the next afternoon. ″He is well enough in the circumstances,″ said a palace spokeswoman to APNews.

Speaking of Diana staying at the hospital, Boulaye said, "It was her decision to sleep next to him," according to Mirror UK. She added that the hospital staff gave her a mattress so she could share the room with her ill child. "She must have been a mother and a half," stated the singer.

Boulaye even recalled the conversation she had with the then 26-year-old mother. On telling Diana that she heard about Harry's health conditions through the media, the princess said, "And she said, 'Oh, he's good', and she said, 'Oh, I'm so tired.' I said, 'Well, I bet you didn't have to stay in the hospital! She said: 'Oo, oh gosh, I wouldn't let him stay there on his own.' I said: 'You stayed at the hospital?' She said: 'Yes'. And I said: 'So did I'. She then said, "But you didn't sleep on the floor?' She said: 'I did! They gave me a mattress.' And I said: 'Who allowed you to sleep on the floor?!' I just joked: 'Where are they? I'll shoot them!' She thought it was quite funny."

This is just an example from one of the many times, the princess showed how important it was for her to be a hands-on parent. Royal biographer Sarah Bradford stated how Diana's methods even shocked the queen.


She stated, "Once at Balmoral, when William was very small, his nanny was on holiday so Diana was looking after him. The Queen was surprised and said, 'I don't understand why Diana has to do this; there are millions of housemaids around.' It shows the huge divide between parenting then, in Diana's era, and even today with William and Harry who are proving to be extremely hands-on fathers," according to Daily Mail.

She further stated, "I don’t think the Queen could understand how important it was to Diana to be a hands-on mother."