Diana "Loved Charles Till Her Dying Day" & Never Allowed Anyone To "Make A Mockery Of Him" Even When They Were Divorced

Diana "Loved Charles Till Her Dying Day" & Never Allowed Anyone To "Make A Mockery Of Him" Even When They Were Divorced

Princess Diana and Charles had a tumultuous relationship but the Princess did not want to divorce him.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not have a perfect marriage. The couple constantly struggled with their differences and failed to find a middle ground that could have sustained their marriage. Besides, Charles's love for Camilla furthered the gap between the two. However, despite all their differences, Diana always tried to win back her husband. She also defended him even after knowing his heart was reserved for someone else.


According to Cheat Sheet, Diana's astrologer, Debbie Frank stated, "I think she loved Charles till her dying day. I’m not saying she longed for him. She didn’t. But there was still that wound there like there was with her mother. And it was probably more about the mother than Charles actually." Not only did Frank believe Diana loved Charles till her last breath but there were several others, who realized this.

Roberto Devorik, the fashion expert and a friend of the late royal, the princess was distraught by her husband's love for Camilla. But her emotions never stopped her from defending his honor. According to the Daily Mail, Devorik recalled that the Princess once stated, "I've been loved by white people, black people, gay people, Jewish people. The one man I really loved in my life has not loved me."


He added, "It's my belief that the man she loved until she closed her eyes was the Prince of Wales. After Diana realized that she had lost the Prince of Wales to Camilla Parker Bowles it was devastating for her. Absolutely devastating."

Devorik further went on to narrate an incident that showed Diana's devotion and respect to the man, who didn't love her the way she did. Though Diana and Charles had parted ways at the time, Diana jumped to defend the father of her children when someone decided to criticize him in front of her.


"Once at my house during lunch somebody had the bad taste to criticize the Prince of Wales. I would not have liked to have been that person in the way she turned," said Devorik, according to the Daily Mail.

He stated, "She said, 'He is the father of my children and the future King of England and if I have a difference with him that is my problem. Nobody should make a mockery of him'."

While she always stood up for him. Diana never refrained to talk about her disagreements with the royal family and Charles. She acknowledged that her marriage was "crowded" and even shared how the royal family did not help her save her marriage. But Diana never wanted to go through a divorce. She was determined to make her marriage work no matter what.


"Given the choice, she would have stayed and tried to make a happy marriage. She loved Charles. She wasn’t the one who wanted to separate or divorce. She was sad about it. She wanted to be a loving wife," said Diana’s personal trainer and confidant Jenni Rivett, according to Cheat Sheet.

When the couple had no options but to legally part ways, the couple wept and a heartbroken Diana asked Charles, “Why did this have to happen?” according to Cheat Sheet.


While they were not compatible lovers or partners, they were in a much better place by then compared to their tumultuous past. "Diana did tell me something quite interesting. She said that on the day of the divorce, she and Charles sat down together on the sofa and they both cried. It was this crazy separation but by the time the divorce was finalized, they were on much better terms," said Royalty Magazine editor Ingrid Seward. Meanwhile, after their split, Diana and Charles maintained a friendly relationship.

The princess went on to date other people but she tragically died in 1997. Charles on the other hand, reunited with Camilla, who had long had a special place in his heart.