Princess Diana May Have Been The Daughter Of An Unloving Mother Who Always Misunderstood Her

Princess Diana May Have Been The Daughter Of An Unloving Mother Who Always Misunderstood Her

The very last conversation she had with her mother was one of the most hurtful things that a mother could ever tell her daughter.

While the world only knew her as a kind and graceful woman, people never really knew the difficult relationships that she had to deal with. The relationship that she had with her mother was one that especially brought her a lot of pain. And the very last conversation that Princess Diana had with her mother forced the helpless princess to vow that she would never speak to her mother ever again.

Her very own parents were disappointed by Princess Diana's birth because they desperately wanted a son at the time, according to The Cheat Sheet. And while her childhood was particularly difficult, her relationship with her mother was one that brought a great deal of pain throughout her life.


The documentary, Diana: The Woman Inside, saw one of Princess Diana's friends, Simone Simmons saying, "Her mother saw Diana as a rival," as reported by Express.

Rather than being proud of the strong and inspiring woman that her daughter grew up to be, Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was reportedly jealous of her own daughter. Simmons revealed that Princess Diana's mother would have conversations with her saying, “Diana, I’m the one who should have been the star."

Another friend of Princess Diana, Richard Kay, talked about how Frances never took the effort to be there for her kids after she divorced Princess Diana's father. "There was friction between them, there is no doubt about it,” Kay said.

Even Frances' own mother, Ruth, Lady Fermoy testified against Frances in court, calling her "a bad mother".

“She didn’t know Diana, she left the house when she was six. She wasn’t interested in her children,” said Simmons. “Her mother walked out and [Diana] never forgot the sound of her mother’s footsteps on the gravel. Her mum said, ‘I’ll be back in a week,’ and she never came back.”

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Even as she grew up, Princess Diana still had fallouts with her mother. Despite having a broken relationship with her husband, Princes Charles, her mother still didn't approve of her leaving him. When Princess Diana was finally free of her heartbreaking marriage with Princes Charles, her mother still couldn't see that the divorce was finally giving Princess Diana a chance at true happiness.

The princess went on to date Hasnat Khan, a heart surgeon, and Gulu Lalvani, a businessman. And the very last conversation Princess Diana had with her mother was about the relationships she had with these men, according to Mirror.

Right in the middle of the conversation, called out to her friend and butler at the time, Paul Burrell, and asked him to listen in on the conversation she was having with her mother over the phone."It was the slurring voice of Mrs. Frances Shand Kydd. What I heard was a torrent of abuse, swearing and upsetting innuendo towards the Princess and towards the male company she was keeping," Burrell recalled. "It was a hate-filled personal attack on the men and their religious beliefs."


Princess Diana was made to feel like she was attacked by her own mother, just because she was trying to be happy and taking her shot at true love. Overwhelmed by what her mother said, Princess Diana ended up slamming the phone down. And later, Burrell found a crying Princess Diana sitting on the floor as she vowed to never speak to her mother ever again. And that happened to be the very last conversation the princess had with her mother.

Burrell was extremely hesitant about revealing the hurtful words that her mother said to her over the phone, saying, "respectfully that's not very kind to a lady who's no longer here."

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However, after lawyers and the coroner insisted that the information was necessary for the legal process, he revealed, "Well, she called the princess a whore." He added, "She said that she was messing around with 'effing Muslim men' and she was disgraceful and said some very nasty things."

Although the words were extremely hurtful, Princess Diana still stood strong and tried her best to carry on. As a child, the princess may have struggled to win the love of her mother, she still effortlessly won the hearts of people around the world. Despite not having received kindness from the relationships in her life, she still chose to be kind to everyone around her. She grew out of the shadow that was cast by her mother and found her own light to inspire the world.

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