How Princess Diana Did Not Let Charles' Insecurity About Her Fame Wipe That Dazzling Smile Off Her Face

How Princess Diana Did Not Let Charles' Insecurity About Her Fame Wipe That Dazzling Smile Off Her Face

She was the People's Princess, a ravishing beauty and a great humanitarian. Nothing could stop the strong Princess Diana.

There is no other princess who will ever captivate the public like Lady Diana. Her charisma captured the hearts of millions all around the world. Considering her one among the commoners, the Princess broke the royal barriers to relate to the people around her. However, the life of the People's Princess was not an easy one. Diana who belonged to an aristocratic family married Prince Charles in 1981. The shy young Diana walked down the aisle in a 25-foot train to wed the then 32-year-old Prince Charles. The elegant beauty said "I do" as millions watched the highly publicized royal wedding around the world.


From then on the life of the Princess rocked like a boat in the midst of the oceans. She was the center of attraction and the people adored the young Princess. However, the insecurities of people around her did not erase her stardom. While she gained popularity in the public eye, not everyone around her was happy, even her own husband could not stand to see how the young Princess overshadowed his class and royalty.


It is common knowledge that Diana's marriage with the Prince was quite tumultuous. According to People, Lady Elizabeth Anson, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, early in the marriage Prince Charles realized the immediate connection Princess Diana shared with the people who loved her. “[Diana] sort of metamorphosed into a very, very elegant blonde beauty,” Anson explained. “They did a visit to Wales which was the beginning of, for Prince Charles, realizing, ‘They’ve come out to see my wife, they haven’t come out to see me,'" said  Lady Elizabeth Anson.


Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who attended a formal dinner at the  National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C in 1985 with the royal couple recalled Prince Charles jokingly say that he felt like a “second-class” when he went to parties with his dazzling wife. He also added, "Diana, an unforgettably beautiful and gracious woman, was the center of attention for one group of admirers after another.”


The young Princess was not only the epitome of beauty but class, elegance, and humility. “She could make any person, whether they were the grandest or the most humble, totally at ease,” said Diana's brother to People in 2017. However, not everything in her life was going well even when she was larger than life for her fans. The extramarital affair of her husband with an old flame affected her. Lady Diana was trapped in an unhappy marriage. She lived with a man who did not love her back but envied the attention she got. While the world knew about it all, she was not disturbed. She dressed confidently and became the star of every event she participated. 

In an interview given by the Princess to BBC's Martin Bashir, she frankly disclosed her stressful family life and her struggles with bulimia. Being a Princess did not stop her from talking about her personal life openly. She told the interviewer about her own infidelity and talked about her husband's affair with  Camilla Parker Bowles. "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," she said quoted Popsugar. Years after staying apart, the couple got legally divorced. When the divorce was finalized in 1996, Prince Charles was so adamant that he even wanted to rip off her given title, " her royal highness."


Regardless of her broken marriage, the Princess was always seen with a smile, breaking barriers and straying protocols to connect with the fans who loved her.  She identified with every common man and tried to be one among them. She sent her kids to public schools and exposed them to the realities of life. Like any other parent, she made time for her kids, drove them around, visited the nearby Mc Donalds and even stood in queues. She rebelled against her royal constraints and faced criticisms with her head held high.


Her rocky marriage and the divorce that followed did not change her. She came down from the royal status and engaged with people, carried out charities and even shook the world from time to time with her strong decisions.