Prince William Was Used To Win Public's Acceptance Of Charles & Camilla's Relationship, Says Royal Biographer

Prince William Was Used To Win Public's Acceptance Of Charles & Camilla's Relationship, Says Royal Biographer

It has been years since Diana's death and the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla. New reports claim they used Prince William to look good in front of the public.

Over the years, the royal family has had its own share of dramas. One out of the many is the relationship of Prince Charles with  Camilla Parker-Bowles. When the Prince's extra-marital affair with Camilla came to light, there was outrage from the public.  Even after the death of Princess Diana, their relationship lacked public acceptance among the people who adored Diana who was known as the People's Princess. Despite the disagreements from the queen, the Prince kept up his relationship with Camilla who had by then become the only woman in his life.  The two got married on April 9, 2005, in an intimate ceremony and since then everyone seems to have forgotten their old stories and scandals.



According to Express, Prince Willaim was used by Prince Charles and Camilla to win acceptance among the public who hated them and their relationship. It reports that the royal biographer, Andrew Morton in his 2011 book William and Catherine said that William was strategically used by Clarence House to build a positive attitude towards Camilla and Charles.


"While William instinctively wanted to be left alone, Camilla deliberately kept a low profile, as courtiers carefully introduced her to the wider world," revealed Morton quoted Express. He also added, "Prince William was, as Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson points out, effectively used as her ‘human shield,’ information about the young prince being given out for favorable coverage of Charles and Camilla."

The author also points out how the couple knew that the approval of Prince William would change their fate and image in front of the public. Therefore, the couple went to achieve it. According to the author, the pivotal moment was Camilla's first meeting with William a few days after his 16th birthday at St. James Palace. Though Camilla was anxious about their meeting, she went upstairs with Prince Charles to meet William. The Prince then left the two to have a private chat. "About half an hour later, Camilla came out saying, 'I need a gin and tonic!'" wrote Morton.


Things became more clear days after when Prince William invited Camilla to join Prince Charles and his brother Harry on a Mediterranean yachting holiday.  The kind gesture from William proved his forgiveness to Camilla which later acted in her favor. "The signs were clear. The young prince’s presence in Camilla’s company was forgiveness for perceived as transgressions," said Morton.

For the media and people who watched Prince William soften his approach to Camilla, the subtext was "if William could forgive, so could the rest of the world." So did the millions around the world, they slowly began accepting the ex-mistress as Prince Charle's partner. Years later, with the much positive and clear image, the couple tied the knot at the presence of Prince Willam and Harry.