Prince William Opens Up About Losing Diana At A Young Age | Losing His Mother Was A "Pain Like No Other Pain"

Prince William Opens Up About Losing Diana At A Young Age | Losing His Mother Was A "Pain Like No Other Pain"

Prince William and Harry lost their mother at a very young age. After Prince Harry, William has also opened up about his struggles to overcome the pain of losing his mother.

The loss of a mother cannot be expressed in words. It is heartbreaking to lose her presence and her love. There is nothing more agonizing for a child. While the world was shocked by the news of Diana's death in 1997, her two young sons experienced something beyond words. Their young minds were in pain but for a long time, the world was unaware of the trauma suffered by young Harry and William on losing their loving mother. 

Until then, they had spent their entire childhood with her around, teaching them how to live like any other kid. Then, all of a sudden, William had to start living in the limelight as an heir to the throne. Being the older one, he was more burdened with responsibilities. Recently Prince William opened up about how the death of his mother affected him as a child.


According to People, the 36-year-old father of three, Prince William spoke about how the death of his mother, Princess Diana changed his life forever. A clip released by BBC for an upcoming special A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health showed the Prince reflecting on the death of his mother. He talked about how he struggled as a child to cope up with her death.


"I think when you are bereaved at a very young age, anytime really, but particularly at a young age — I can resonate closely to that — you feel a pain like no other pain," William says in the clip according to People. He also added that it would be difficult to come across anything that will be worse than the pain he endured at the loss of his mother. "And you know that in your life it’s going to be very difficult to come across something that is going to be an even worse pain than that," said Prince William. 

However, he said that sharing his pain with people who had gone through a similar journey allowed him to find strength. "It also brings you so close to all those other people out there who have been bereaved. So instantly, when you talk to someone else… You can almost see it in their eyes sometimes," said Prince William.  He went on to say that British people, in general, found it difficult to express their emotions. The Prince stated that individuals needed to "be able to talk about our emotions because we're not robots" and said he hoped to bring a change to British society.


Recently, it was also revealed that Prince Harry who welcomed his first child felt a "gap" in raising his child without his mother around.  The Prince who recently traveled to the Netherlands to launch the official countdown to the Invictus Games opened up to Dennis van der Stroom, a former soldier about the loss of his mother. "I told Harry about my mother and we talked about our shared experience of missing a mom."


"He said missing a mother is like missing some kind of security, how you need that as a son and it falls away when you lose your mother. He said he meets a lot of people in his work who have lost a mother, father, sister, brother or relatives and when he hears their story, as he heard my story, he said he doesn’t feel so alone," said Dennis van der Stroom quoted People.