Prince Harry ‘Upset’ As He And Meghan Could Lose Honorary Military Titles And Royal Patronages

Prince Harry ‘Upset’ As He And Meghan Could Lose Honorary Military Titles And Royal Patronages

The news of the 'tell-all' interview with Oprah was followed by claims that the couple will lose their Royal patronage and titles over it.

After news outlets reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were going to do an 'explosive' 'tell-all' interview with Oprah, royal sources claimed that the couple could lose royal patronages over the same. An Insider has now revealed that the Prince is "upset" over the possibility of losing his honorary military titles and patronages if producers use them to promote his Netflix documentaries and US talk shows, The Sun UK reported. 


News outlets say that Harry and Meghan have been told that Oprah can “ask anything she wants” during the “intimate” 90-minute chat scheduled for March 7. Several major American broadcasters have been trying to land an interview with the couple since they quit the Royal family but it is only Oprah who managed to actually do it. The Queen apparently still has faith that the couple will honor royal protocol during the interview, the Daily Mail reports.


“There is no secret that Americans love a Brit in army uniform. Harry is far more marketable pictured with his Army uniform at events in the UK than as a bloke in a shirt and chinos," a source close to the Prince said, while another commented, “There would always be a suspicion military titles and patronages could end up being used on a documentary or television show somewhere. Is this picture going to be used to promote something next time he has something coming out? There will always be that doubt. You can’t allow people to accuse you of doing it for your own interests. It’s unworkable.”


As it is, Harry’s positions as Captain-General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving were taken away when he left the Royal Family, pending the review. The Sun claimed that 'they are unlikely to be restored now that the couple is firmly on the US celebrity circuit'. However, the titles he earned during his ten years in the Army were not affected.


"Patronages such as the Rugby Football Union and National Theatre, which the couple were granted as working royals, are unlikely to be returned — even though Palace insiders point out they have so far fulfilled a promise to 'uphold the values of Her Majesty'," The Sun reported. The couple has around 18 royal and private patronages but has not returned to the UK for 11 months. It has been reported that Meghan, 39, will be the main focus of the Oprah interview. Harry, 36, will appear at the end to talk about his family and new life.
“This is a big deal. I’m told that nothing is off-limits. She can ask anything she wants," Gayle King, CBS anchor and long-time friend of Oprah, said.