How Princess Diana Moulded Harry To Be The Perfect Dad | Both Are Kind, Mischievous, And Lead With Their Heart

How Princess Diana Moulded Harry To Be The Perfect Dad | Both Are Kind, Mischievous, And Lead With Their Heart

Harry referred to the late Lady Diana as the "best mum in the world" and he would love to give his baby boy the same memorable childhood that she gave him.

He was just a 12-year-old boy when he had to attend his own mother's funeral. But until then, Prince Harry watched Princess Diana be a caring and compassionate woman to everyone around here, especially children. And that is now the greatest legacy of Princess Diana that Prince Harry is keeping alive.

“Harry’s the one that’s got so much of Diana in him,” said Emma Forbes, who has ties with the royal family, according to People.

At a time when younger people are postponing the life-changing decision of starting a family, Prince Harry couldn't be more excited about the birth of his baby boy and has been looking forward to becoming a father for quite some time now. "One thing Harry will never be is an absentee father. He will want to be involved with everything — even changing the little one’s nappies," said a clergyman who's watched Prince Harry grow up, as reported by the Daily Mail.


Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have experienced their parents' marriages falling apart and know what it's like to come from a broken home. And people are sure that Prince Harry will always be there for his son, just like Princess Diana was for him while she was alive.

Harry has previously called Princess Diana "The best mum in the world,” according to The New Yorker. And he would probably hope to give the same memorable childhood to his own son.


When Prince Harry was little, Princess Diana had to insist on Prince Charles making time for their children. Spending time with his children at the nursery had to be included in his schedule. But people who know Prince Harry believe that this will never be the case with him. "With Harry, the problem will be keeping him out," one of his friends added. "He loves kids."

While Prince Charles may have been more formal in his approach, Princess Diana never hesitated to shower her boys with all the love she had. When they were growing up in the palace, they started every day with a tight hug from their mother. "Sources within Kensington Palace would say to me, 'Every morning the boys would run in their pajamas into her bedroom, and she'd have her arms open wide to hug them,'" said Judy Wade, the royal contributor to Hello! magazine, according to ABC News.


The informality that Princess Diana had with people is something that Prince Harry certainly picked up. "Diana made sure William and Harry lived as normal a life as possible and as parents William and Harry will always be influenced by their mother," said Royal biographer, Duncan Larcombe, according to The Sun. "Her desire to give them a taste of normality runs through the veins of the princes." And Lady Diana would never pass up a chance to scoop up a little one and have a delightful conversation with them.



When Prince Harry came out to announce his baby's birth, he couldn't control the excitement he had and was beaming when he said, “I’ve had about two hours’ sleep.” He's already begun his journey as a hands-on father and Prince William welcomed his brother to "the sleep deprivation society that is parenting,” according to The Guardian. Prince Harry seems more than happy to join the club and the world can already imagine him walking around with his son on his shoulders, carrying forward the wonderful affection that Princess Diana showed to children.


Every time Prince Harry is around kids, the world gets to see the innocent child inside him come out. “Harry will be one of those fathers that gets the balance right between being hands-on and taking adventures,” said Forbes. “I could so see him traveling with a son at his side.”