Prince, Whose "Biggest Fear" Was Dying Alone Passed Away With No One By His Side

Prince, Whose "Biggest Fear" Was Dying Alone Passed Away With No One By His Side

Prince was depressed and talked to Neal Karlen at odd hours.

People have different fears that govern their minds and not everyone would be able to relate to them. The flamboyant singer and performer, Prince had everything he wanted in the world, including wealth, a great career, and millions of fans. However, he never had a long-lasting relationship, which had left him with one fear. After his death on 21 April, 2016, one of his closest confidantes revealed the one thing the singer dreaded the most.

Former music writer and Prince confidante Neal Karlen shared in his letter that Prince feared "dying alone." He wrote, "I just pray Prince wasn’t cognizant, even for a mite of a moment, that he was dying alone in a nondescript elevator, in a Wonder Bread suburb of the city that was one day too late in telling him we loved him as much as he loved Minneapolis." He added, "Because there’s one thing I’m positive I know about Prince."

"After knowing him in forever alternating cycles of greater, lesser and sometimes not-at-all friendship over the last 31 years: His biggest and perhaps only fear was dying alone," Karlen revealed, according to US Weekly.


Karlen also recalled the friendship he shared with the legendary singer through handwritten letters. They were so close that Prince called him at odd hours to talk about what was on his mind. However, the man stated that more than considering him a friend, Prince called him late because he knew he was available and awake for a chat. “I always told Prince I knew he really didn’t consider me a friend, but as one of the few people in Minneapolis who was probably awake, like he always was, in the middle of the night, and was ‘Willing and Able,’ as my favorite song of his is titled, to talk about loneliness and death,” wrote Karlen, according to US Weekly.

He even mentioned how the singer was so depressed by his loneliness that he could hardly say something. “You never woke me. Well, actually you did a couple times, but I was always happy to hear from you, even when you were so lonely and depressed you could barely speak," said former contributing editor for Rolling Stone and the New York Times, alluding to Prince's phone calls at 4:48 AM.

Prince wad found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park Mansion. The artist, who was 57 at the time, was found alone and fully dressed with no personal phone on his person. At the time, Sheriff Jim Olson told reporters, "A sign of trauma is that something violent would have happened. There is no sign of that at all."


Prince's life was filled with tragedies and his relationships fell apart. When the singer was married to Mayte Garcia in 1996, they had, what has been described as a fairytale love story. Garcia shared details of their relationship through her memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince. Soon after their marriage, she became pregnant and the couple was elated to welcome their son. However, the unexpected happened and the couple was heartbroken. Their child was born with Pfeiffer syndrome type 2 and died just days after the birth.

“I don’t know how to describe the look on my husband’s face. Pure joy. Pure love. Pure gratitude. I’d seen his face as he scored platinum albums and received the highest awards in his industry. . . None of that compared to the look I saw on his face in this moment, when he became a father. And then they held the baby up in the glare of those harsh lights. . . The pure elation on my husband’s face turned to pure terror," recalled Garcia, according to CheatSheet.


The death of their son followed by another miscarriage was too much to bear for the coupe. Soon, it began taking a toll on their relationship. “I felt an era ending, and I knew our marriage was ending with it. He’d humiliated me . . . He made me feel banished . . . It was as if he expected me to simply disappear, and in a way, I did. I felt myself slipping down the drain and didn’t have the will to fight it anymore," wrote Garcia, in her book.

The loss of his son had a lasting impact on Prince. He was deeply disturbed. Though he went on to marry again, it ended in divorce in 2006. After that, the singer never remarried. Moreover, Garcia also believes that he had overcome the pain of losing his son. "I don’t think he ever got over it. I know I haven’t," said the woman, according to People.